What Activities Are Usually Part Of An Online Learning Center

Find out about the many classes offered at your favorite online learning center.

Time to figure out what activities you should keep an eye on while you’re learning online. A lot of online courses and ed-tech tools enable their users to do pretty much anything, including get things done as a whole community and keep up with timely news developments in a convenient format.

Of course, this means you could always learn about kitchen gadgets (many of which are actually already on sale in January), health and wellness tips, car repairs, cooking, general information on topics and a whole bunch of other stuff. But which activities are the most rewarding and which won’t disrupt your learning experience? As we talk to entrepreneurs who are trying to figure this out, we’ve come up with a list of the most helpful online activities that you could be doing while using online learning tools.

1. Plotting Your Big Plans

Projects can be intimidating, and it can be hard to visualize a plan at a deeper level when there’s so much happening on your screens. So, think of brainstorming online learning activities like you would with a project board. Organize your brainstorming actions into longer-term action items and a calendar feature to track your actions over time, so you can learn about them and look back at them at the end of your session and see how they’ve progressed.

2. Seeing the World from the Point of View of Other People

Ask a question to others online. Can you use an online learning system that allows you to mark up (and comment on) someone else’s question? Or is your learning system primarily about learning by doing? If your learning system is primarily about doing and not about other people, then you might want to start connecting with the people around you in order to see how you may know better. That can be in classroom-type settings, in person or online.

3. Taking Notes, Testing Out New Learning Systems

There are many new types of online learning environments out there, so you’ll have to do some experimentation to see which one is right for you. Consider a recording/video editing system that provides a timeline for you to go through when you’re grading your notes, rather than making you watch the notes multiple times.

4. Internet Chat

Your online learning system might offer chat functionality. If so, take advantage of it. It’s a great opportunity to test out the types of features your system offers and learn about other users’ experiences with the system. Online learning is all about social interaction, so chatting with other users could be the next stage in getting the most out of your online learning experience.

5. Live Chatting with Other Students

Take advantage of the social aspects of online learning when you’re creating the learning material that you’ll use when building a course. For example, create a blog that contains what you learned about and show it to students who are already participating online in the class. Being part of a classroom system is different than online learning, so it’s good to be in front of other users so you can show them what you’ve learned and answer questions they have. Online learning also makes it possible to see other people’s interests and experiences, so there’s nothing stopping you from contributing to those experiences, too.

6. Reviewing Your Work

Throughout the course of an online learning session, be sure to review some of your work and form a review process so you can discuss what went well and what could be improved going forward. Maybe you could schedule an email chat session with a teacher to revisit your progress and have him or her ask questions about how you’re doing. You can also use an online feedback tool such as Behance, Socialcam, Goop or YouTube to track how your videos and interactive elements are being received by users.

7. Journaling

From taking inventory of your strengths and weaknesses to adding in some personality to your work, you might benefit from recording your work and putting it in a journal. You may also like to learn more about your data and see what your actual data reflect about your performance. If you are using an online learning system, they will offer you templates so you can create your own. If not, you can create your own template through a collaboration tool like Hubspot.

Having busy lives makes keeping track of your endeavors and learning almost impossible. But by putting a few tips together, you’ll have a sense of where your online learning method is and what, if anything, you can improve upon before springtime.

Christine Hollen is the co-founder of Post, an online learning platform that empowers people to be their most

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