Tstc Online Learning Office Does What

Teaching everyone the tool that is video conferencing to make inter­ests over the web easier, help improve your web­cam image, read on.

Tstc Online Learning Office Does What

Who’s Tom? Tom is the founder of Tstc Online Learning, an online learning business that serves businesses and educational institutions throughout the world. He created this company after building a successful education consulting business that served corporate clients such as Best Buy, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Disney, Kroger, Motorola, AT&T, Orbitz, Potters Mill, and Wawa.

How did the idea for Tstc Online Learning begin?

I wanted to be more involved in my son’s education. His school, EFTPS (Established Forked Teachers, Classroom Program Science) does a great job teaching science but a lot of people don’t know about it. So, I wanted to give an online option. So, in September 2013, I founded Tstc.com.

Why does Tom believe technology can be used in today’s classroom?

The internet has a big impact on education. There are so many educational platforms out there now, some of which are free, others charge a fee, but there is definitely an impact. Several years ago, my business partner and I shared a vision and developed a “suite” of online education tools. After a few years in development, we realized that technology can be used and utilized in education by way of online learning platforms.

Why does Tom believe the open curriculum allows educators the freedom to use the internet to serve as teachers?

In the past, a number of schools have used open educational resources. Open educational resources allow teachers to use certain content and video for class, but control the content. Today, open educational resources are no longer open.

Why do some schools use their own videos or chose certain educational platforms to teach their students?

Open educational resources are still used, but more and more schools are now utilizing open curriculum and no longer relying on their own content. I don’t think that it’s only open education resources being used. Open curriculum provides teachers an incredible opportunity.

What is Tstc?

Tstc Online Learning is an educational platform that enables teachers to use technology for the learning of their students. The technology platform works by allowing educators to create and share course materials and educational content on their own terms. The content is fully customizable allowing teachers to set up content and use a variety of educational software tools. Tstc’s platform then provides a user-friendly, quick and easy interface for educators to learn, create, share and customize their courses.

How does Tstc operate and who runs it?

We run it with an operation staffed by a handful of top professors, entrepreneurs and teachers that have great experience and passionate about creating educational software solutions. Each professor or entrepreneur has a firm grasp on what technology is needed in the current educational landscape and solutions can easily be customized to what educators have in mind. Also, those that run Tstc are focused on educating and helping students. That is their top priority.

What is Tstc’s mission?

Tstc’s mission is to provide educators access to excellent educational software and resources that focus on helping to improve the quality of learning in every classroom. Ultimately, our goal is to provide an unparalleled learning experience to our educators and our students.

Why do you think businesses and individuals benefit from learning?

Sharing knowledge creates an incredible work environment. There is no substitute for a shared sense of knowledge. Educational software companies create this sense of knowledge by creating tools that share educational information with the world. Even though some of our content and services are free, educators use these tools and tools to collaborate, learn new techniques, and improve their teaching and learning. Learning is inherently social; everyone can learn together.

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