This Is How a Great Mentor Could Boost Your Career and Life

Everyone has someone who has helped them get to where they are today. So why not seek out that guidance and help?

This Is How a Great Mentor Could Boost Your Career and Life

Brian Newman, CEO and co-founder of Beyond, likes to refer to himself as a “resource.” Newman frequently gives talks and classes to businesses all over the country on the importance of getting mentors to help cultivate young people’s careers. Read on to learn how a mentor can help you be a better person, mentor, and an entrepreneur.

So, how does a great mentor get their job? They do not have to work for you. Many successful career changers know that when it comes to their career and life, it is all about a sense of confidence. That is exactly what a great mentor can bring to you. When you develop the confidence to approach a career coach, community group, mentor, or someone who has experience in your field, you will quickly discover the incredible power of that mentor. The mentoring relationship can have the ability to give you a new outlook on your career and life, and so much more.

Create an action plan. Create a plan so that you are clear on where you need to head for your next big move. Use the following outline to help you develop your plan and to discover the mentors that you need to gain that new knowledge and advice.

1. Identify who you should be getting mentored by. Talk to other people who have experienced their own careers and they can give you insight into the most essential aspects of growth and developing your career and life. This is not a list of the most famous and powerful people, but friends and friends of friends. Ask them about their relationships with great mentors and how they worked with them to help them develop their career.

2. Create a plan. Start a goal setting campaign and figure out what your major focus will be with this mentor. You will have to decide how long you want this mentorship to be long-term. Be sure that you are in control of that situation and that your time is limited. Two weeks is not long enough to let you meet with a great mentor.

3. Hire someone to help you carry out your goals. You need a coach to help you create a game plan, to help you reach your goals. Do not do this on your own. Talk to a coach and tell them about your expectations, your direction you are heading in, and how you will make this happen.

4. Keep in touch. Hire someone to stay in touch with you during your professional development process. This coach should be able to stay in touch with you and give you guidance on your goals. Find a mentor who is also in your industry.

5. Don’t fall back on the same old old practices. Set new benchmarks for yourself and get some help to do so. The mentors I have met have helped me with various milestones in my professional development. Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have worked with my mentors on a number of major milestones. This has not been about retraining myself, but rather, they have helped me with some business planning and networking. They have come in and given me direction on how to increase my brand and to learn more about building a career in my field.

6. Agree to return to the mentor. Mentors have a gift. They have their personal lives and careers that they are very involved in. So, it is not always ideal when they come to work and know that you are struggling to fit mentoring into your schedule. Mentoring is no longer about meeting every two months. It is about the mentor being there when you need them.

7. Pushing forward. Today, companies and startups are looking for people to have mentoring relationships with. That means great mentors have many who have helped them. There are many people looking for great mentors. Mentors can not just help you with your career or life, but they also have a way of sticking with you, helping you look forward to a better future. Mentoring is the best way to be the best, and to give you advice to help you get there.

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