Thinking About Online Learning Tools Or Resources, Which Brands Come To Mind?

We asked our community of BellaSugar members to tell us which online learning tools, resources, and brands they think are on their radar. Here’s what they told us.

Send us a shout-out if you need more resources or other questions on college admissions or fall the next few weeks before heading off to college.

What Online Learning Environments Do You Identify With?

This is a big question. Most people need a little time to absorb information, so online courses and other structured settings should be at the top of your list. I used to have this strong opinion about taking classes in online space, but now I’m open to and won’t rule out a variety of options if they’ve been tailored to a range of people and meet the needs of that person. If you’ve already decided one way or another, feel free to ask your peers.

While there are many different types of online courses, here are a few easy ones to get you started.

Take a Business or Small Business Course

Beyond being an essential for college grads and job seekers, online courses for business and small business folks could make a ton of sense, especially for someone who has had some experience. Online classwork is tailored to both the pace of students (most people study and plan their classwork at the same pace) and the types of courses people take and don’t take. As a small business owner, I’d love it if the “how to” part of a course were up to me, not some authority class. Take classes at Coursera, 2U, and others.

Get Intensive Training Online

If you’re planning on serious training or major financial investments in your new career path, online courses can make a lot of sense. Going to a place like Udemy, Udemy, Mechanical Turk, or Eventbrite can help you master a new skill quickly or master a skill on a lean schedule. I have tested this strategy with SEO. A full 30-minute course taught in Chinese on Eventbrite took me just a couple of hours and offered a lot of helpful information for free.

This Is My Field

Think outside the box and go to companies that can help you get started. For example, I work at a startup where we’re learning how to process contact information via a new technology called Datadog. If you have a job opening, networking with online companies and leading-edge companies that can support you and help you are a better option than meeting on social media sites.

Realize That You Can Get Your Courses from Big Companies

If your employer will support the course or if you have an employee referral program, it can be helpful to find places like Udemy where Udemy’s “Big Companies” exist. Make sure the course topic doesn’t conflict with your job duties, but they will be able to help you out.

Sure, you could try individual classes and self-taught, but especially if it’s a startup, I suggest going to companies that can provide some guidance in order to help you build a stronger experience.

Will Having This Consideration Prevail During Your Admissions Process?

Even if your online experience hasn’t gotten to the point where you need to actively consider taking online courses, think about how this factor might play out as you consider an application to college. Yes, some of the initiatives institutions offer can help you cut the waiting line at certain schools and get an application out there faster. But even if you’re not a student with any kind of pre-existing credits, there is an implication. Can you justify the cost and hassle of a different approach? Taking courses online may be required at some schools and we have an online vote on which schools offer online courses and taking courses on their site.

If you take online courses, tell us in the comments below if you’ve found a way to make these options accessible to your education.

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