The Best Free Online Course For Learning How To Code

Most people say that learning how to code comes naturally for them. They start drawing cartoons at a young age, they start sending their own text messages, and they engage in a host of other basic digital activities and concepts that seem so natural.

The Best Free Online Course For Learning How To Code

If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated by constantly being distracted by something else. The thought of taking ten or so hours of your free time to learn how to program or build something for your business seems like a daunting task to me, but with the right information, that’s something I’m eager to tackle. And I found one course that’s made learning how to code at home easier than I ever thought it could be.

A free eight-week course that we’re partnering with – called Project Looking Glass – is all about the basics of computer science, how to build tools and frameworks that can help you tackle problems, and getting the basics of a programming language. Using a combination of videos, quizzes, and live classes, Project Looking Glass shows you everything you need to know about computer science to understand the world you live in. They help you understand how things work; how to write useful code; how to build anything from websites to physical objects.

Bouncing between Google’s coding bootcamp and learning each week from Project Looking Glass has inspired me to enroll in a coding class — and I think it’s safe to say this is the best way to learn how to code. It’s an ongoing process that relies on you being self-sufficient and dedicated to learning the fundamentals of coding, but you have access to a great tutor, and you can learn at your own pace. Like Coding Online’s No Starch Class, the thinking behind Project Looking Glass is to do less, and learn more quickly, but in an affordable way.

This free course has now been live for about four weeks, and I’ve learned so much. The instructors who take the course appear in your area every week, so you can catch them live. There are a lot of topics to cover: how to program, prototyping, programming languages, tutorials, classes, and loads of more lessons. You can find out what lessons they teach with the “pivots” section of their site. If you’re the active participant, you can also get a tutor to travel to you. I also like that there are no grades to offer on Project Looking Glass, although you can always write an essay if you’re unsure of how to handle something.

I’ve decided to join in on Project Looking Glass, as well as a fellow teacher on a few different projects that we’re building together, so I can hopefully help with some of my projects or help out a student in a situation similar to mine. I think I’m just warming up for the major big project on the horizon, though; along with my trip to the Bay Area for the area’s software development week later this month.

It would be hard to overstate how important it is for people to know what they’re doing, or to be able to answer the question, “How does that work?” This free online course is really giving me the confidence to pick up the skills I need to take on my next challenge as a developer. The information on Project Looking Glass is easy to grasp, it’s quick, and there’s an organic support system in place. It’s as engaging as programming class can be and it gives you tools to help you get it done. It’s a great step in your coding education.

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If you want to know more about Project Looking Glass, as well as more about Tech Insider and our memberships, please visit the company website.

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