The Best Free Online Course For Learning How To Code

If you’re passionate about coding and have found yourself struggling to acquire new skills, these free online courses can help.

The Best Free Online Course For Learning How To Code

From cake toppings to hair gel, you will discover how to do anything on your laptop.

The media has spent an unfathomable amount of time talking about the fact that STEM jobs are fast becoming a thing of the past. They are often contrasted to average jobs that do not require a degree in STEM – finance, accounting, or tech. I beg to differ. As you can see below, there are no two jobs that are more distinct than the other. If you had the chance to see them alongside each other, you would see that some are more complex than others, and not everyone in the world needs to be able to code to be considered a master of anything.

How much do you spend on entertainment with regard to how much time you spend on your computer? According to a study from the National Retail Federation, Americans spend $5 to $10 per day on Netflix, $50 per day on burgers, $120 per day on movies, and $300 per day on groceries. You can bet your (and my) pants that all of those expenditures are more than equally matched by people who spend their time doing everything else from building websites to submitting emails. Whether it is you, your mother, or your girlfriend, by learning to code, you can hopefully help one of them a lot by only letting them play with what they already know.

The Best Online Course for Learning To Code

Oh… what’s that a name for (waaaay to @#$%ing ahead, Roger); isn’t it? Yeah; you weren’t the only one with that question, but I told you, I’m an awesome writer. I mean, if I were even half as good as I claim to be at Twitter, I’d be king. So there you have it. I am now going to explain my major-making recommendation for you; the Most Magical Learning Experience You Will Ever Have, and all its riches of free code.

Yours is the main course that everyone is dying to devour. The dance music of some foreign indie rock band. The electro funk of an electronica pop group. The hair like a Russian chessmaster as he crisscrosses the world mastering his two different languages. The showy history lesson on the virtues of the American Revolution. The presentations on magical puppet shows. The visions from extraterrestrial voyagers. The visions from miniature films. The neo-noir crime scenes. The miniature rooms of TV sitcoms. The miniature protest meetings.

The most magical learning experience you will ever have is on Stack Overflow, a site that allows you to enter one of a number of super simple questions to get a helpful answer. Since its inception in 2009, Stack Overflow has grown into the world’s most popular code-help forum; with millions of contributors, ranking just under Reddit. A few months ago, it was named as the “#1 Geek Programming Community” by Bit-Tech, and has received such accolades as ZDNet’s “#1 Most Influential Programming Community” and Linkedin’s #4 on 2016’s “Most “Technology Community On The Internet”.

Today, Stack Overflow offers over a million different courses, and many of those on the website are completely free. Now, keep in mind, you can also buy a bunch of different courses, and the most popular ones start at almost $60, but the community is so supportive that most of them are free. What I also like about Stack Overflow is that all its unique, awesome products exist on a single platform. It’s not like ‘Boing Boing’ or “The Rude Mechanical Man” by the Wayback Machine and on a small independent website, to mention just two other sites that are sort of like this.

It would take your entire life to browse through every single course on the website. In the interest of brevity, here are five picks that I think will help you get the most out of your four years of college.

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