Ted Talk: Daphne Coller – What We’re Learning From Online Education

TED Talks curator Daphne Coller explores the latest developments in online education in her Nov.

Daphne Coller – What We’re Learning From Online Education

Learn new things, create new things and have fun doing it all. A new TED Talk series, now featuring mentors and experts in the fields of entertainment, design, science, sustainability, business, education, and other areas, will be released on YouTube, where TED’s educators and thought leaders will share how they’re teaching in dynamic ways – both inside and outside of the classroom.

TED-Ed is expanding their delivery of innovative educational content through the TED Talks Direct platform, which makes it easier than ever for teachers to incorporate these offerings into their classrooms, and give their students access to new and engaging content – all on their terms. TED-Ed uses open formats for podcast, discussions, and visualizations, to deliver content that bridges across common educational experiences such as academics, teamwork, language arts, and spatial thinking.

Check out TED Teacher Daphne Coller, who describes how she teaches creativity and design thinking in a classroom in Indio, California, using a stand-alone online course, Race to Extremes, originally developed for school districts, but which can now be accessed in a free, self-paced environment.

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