Suttisticks On How Mnay People Quit Online Learning

Ever wondered how some people who tweet and take selfies and TV shows like Amazon’s Strange Angel quit the internet? Well, if you do, head over to Suttisticks for a look.

Purolator is one of our favorite printing companies because they have a sustainable environment initiative, which means that they plant a tree every time they save a piece of paper. This week’s installment of Purolator’s Sustainable Southeast Sustainability Week features a great example of how a small company can go big: multi-platinum musician Troye Suttles of rock band Third Eye Blind has turned to Purolator for a new acoustic guitar as part of a plan to make his music sound more like a vintage guitar.

Many people I have spoken to over the years have mentioned that the acoustic guitar is easier to play than the electric. With its smaller button-sized pickups and sensitive to the wind’s vibrations, the acoustic guitar is more akin to the way an old fashioned acoustic sounds. That’s why companies like Birch Tree Music, a small Nashville company, do very well with acoustic guitar sales. But even smaller companies that make hard working, dependable and intuitive guitar picks and neck shapes make a great deal of money for their services. Even “black pearl” picks, a cutting edge of amp batteries and audio gear, once valued at millions of dollars, are now viewed as a way to save money.

“It seems like the day of the ‘black pearl’ pick and neck set has passed,” said Darla Schwartz, sales consultant at Guitar Corner in Dallas. “With better processing technology and injection molding techniques, today’s pick makers can produce these high quality items at cost saving levels.”

These technologies have cut down the cost of new pickups by reducing the amount of filler in the reels (essentially discarded equipment) from three millimeters to two millimeters. Then companies like Darla’s have been able to eliminate the cost of many of the extra parts in the reels that used to add a few pennies more to the price of each pick. Darla and some of her colleagues recommend that people check out Ten Winds Instrumentation, which has a wide range of colored pick clusters and beautiful reels of Reels A, B, and C. Prices range from about $7 to $110.

Your acoustic guitar stock is making headlines in the local reading paper because you’ve paid too much for your stock. Good news! Anyone who wants to get into this category should consider contacting Joe Garro, Head of the Musical Instrument Division at Narcoossee Rockwell, based in Gainesville, Illinois. He is the product’s sales rep for the company and has more than two decades of experience with picks and the design and production of pickup units. As part of Narcoossee’s eCommerce segment, Joe can also provide a step-by-step guide on how to purchase a pick.

To bring songs back to life, a good pick usually comes in handy, but not everyone knows how to use a pick to that end. Some guitar owners simply make the mistake of treating their pick like they would a standard instrument, which means that it sits unused and unused for quite a while. This is typical of most guitar parts, which get rusty and have fewer and fewer sounds over time. A small pick with a good history can be used to recharge the guitar. However, the long-term lack of use is not a good thing for the long-term health of the guitar.

We need to return to Troye Suttles and his attempt to engage an old-time-guitar maker. There are several ways to do this. One is to listen to many key recordings from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Listening to live musicians take us on the journey to hearing a live acoustic sound and getting to know that guitar’s recorded sound. When they play with someone new, it’s the same as going on a trip to Mexico: we want that experience again and again, and there’s no better experience to create that sense of growth than the collection of bands that recorded there. Not every guitarist who plays other people’s songs can nail the authentic guitar sound. That’s a musician’s challenge.

Another good idea is to check out the pattern going back to the 1500s. This archive of fragments from the real craftsmen is largely available through a web site called Cats Halo, developed by a talented alchemist who made a good career out of searching through and digitizing these fragments. Some of these have to do with the exact wood usage that was used to cut these parts out of the wood. Since that’s an old process, a Goodwill store or thrift store would be very prudent to pick up these and continue to make for good listening for a short time.

That’s as simple as it gets. Enjoy a musical experience

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