Stand Kids Used When Doing Online Learning

A recent article for LSS of Ready or Not? Notes on the Need for Children to Take Skills Outside Classroom and Implications for Common Core.

Education is a rapidly evolving topic and line of business as students shift from sitting in their desks and tapping hard buttons in response to problems to facing online teachers on their smartphones or tablets.

One such initiative is called “Stand Kids” an effort to ensure all students have access to effective digital teaching. Its purpose is to address inequalities and keep struggling students in education, enhance teacher effectiveness, and increase opportunity for all students.

When my company, SELAI helps address the training needs of schools and districts across the country, a great big concern is the effectiveness of our teaching methods. What we do work best at is “standing kids” by asking students how they’re feeling and what their goals are for the school year.

I guess you can call what we do standing kids, but the goal is not only to help students practice personal empowerment, but for learning to stand correctly and confidently for educators to be able to help them learn.

When schools have more kids learning the skills of personalized learning it leads to greater learning opportunities for all students. For example, a team of eight students taking an independent course in geology can test and examine rocks from the rocks that they gathered in a lab, rather than having to go to a teacher for some sort of scientific validation. Such instruction also improves student engagement in both physics and geology, and builds on their collective knowledge to apply to new learning situations such as designing their own project.

The ability to learn from techniques that are applicable in different subjects requires improving the quality of the teaching you give. As someone who likes to teach myself, I have had to overcome challenges of understanding materials in student writing and sometimes frankly, learn from students themselves. This is particularly important as such support is the most difficult to access in a classroom. Teachers would be missing a great opportunity if there weren’t better available ways to provide that support.

Digital can play a significant role in helping teachers improve and develop their teaching methods. To that end, Schools are partnering with content producers, systems developers, and educators to reach individual students and use technology to assist the core aim of empowering students to learn more effectively, one step at a time.

Tablets are a great tool for us as we can take the information we’re working with and help students understand it directly on our screen. There are great resources such as the App Developer’s Library, a program designed to showcase and enhance great student-developed apps for the iPad.

The role of the SELAI team is to develop “Stand Kids” for each school and district, modeling the methodologies of the learning model and automatically enable an improved learning experience for both student and teacher by providing:

-Witty responses using effective writing techniques -Helping students set and attain personal and personalize goals -When students need to open up and express themselves, we teach them the timing and appropriate venue for doing so

Our model helps build confidence and resolve students’ self-esteem, which ultimately allows them to thrive in school. This translates into increased student achievement, a larger classroom, better collaboration, and increased engagement. The bigger classroom means more advanced course work for each student. And of course, increased engagement means better motivation and higher student achievements – all of these together = higher student achievement and richer education experience.

As the CEO of a company working with schools and districts across the country, there is a growing need for a better and more meaningful way to effectively learn. We are developing a pilot program to test this approach in Connecticut, and it will be for 10 (or ten thousand) high school students.

This is the easiest answer, but it won’t take the work away. Teachers who aren’t able to teach with the help of developing, accurate and powerful teaching tools will continue to struggle. As we continue to learn more, we will continue to change the way we teach and grow the range of experiences students have when learning. This will only occur if students have the tools to engage effectively and intentionally, and that is precisely what “Stand Kids” enables, regardless of how they’re taught.

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