See How Long Student Interact With Online Learning

Have you ever wondered how long online learning can take, or you think you might want to take a class, but you’re not sure? Here are a few stats you can use to figure it out.

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The original “handbook” on how colleges & universities view students’ time spent online. Click here for a PDF.

Four years ago, trying to organize my time in an academic setting required the ability to communicate in an online capacity. As a freshman majoring in psychology, I didn’t know how to write an email, let alone an academic profile. I’d majored in Modern Languages, so I figured it was a matter of striking up a conversation with someone on the other side of the web. I was looking for exposure, to gain real-world experience I could transfer to my education, but as it turned out, I ended up with the perfect opportunity to learn so much more than that.

The teaching assistant for my Intro to Psychology class joined our group on campus, and before I knew it, I had completed the entire class with her. I read everything her syllabus came with, and she taught us practically every lesson; each piece of information, from common entry questions to character traits, was presented with a fascinating practice in its own right. Everyone did well, so much so that I wanted to know if I could take a class with this TA again. And so it started.

Though my initial love for online learning didn’t translate to IRL interactions, I subsequently enrolled in several online courses and classes that replicated the interactions I’d had with the instructor. If the form of participation in class continued, then communication over email would naturally follow. Had I not had this option, I wouldn’t have learned all the amazing things I’d encountered; I’d probably just been spending a lot of time getting all the material I needed memorized. I would’ve taken every class I had the opportunity to take, and I would now have even more material for my next course.

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How long do you spend doing professional development through online platforms? Send us an email with your answers on Twitter @BuzzFeedBooks.

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