Sad Life Of Someone Who Had To Online Learning

There is a death by a thousand paper cuts that goes by a thousand names. In a time when there is not the easy access to education by families, institutions, and students that there was not a few decades ago, an alternative comes to light.

Thinking back on what it is that I learned in my high school and college years, I have come to learn that the most “left-field” programs that I enrolled in were indeed necessary, or at least if I didn’t accept the material, it would have been incredibly difficult to do at a high level. This is the lesson I learned with American Digital University. When I was in my freshman year in college, my idea of a grade was a “90” for every required course that I took. That meant that there were at least 10 or 15 units to be completed in that semester. At the time, I thought it was reasonable, especially since I wanted to maintain an impressive GPA. I joined American Digital University (ADU) early in my college career.

American Digital University teaches for a class with a set schedule. By taking classes that you were allotted to take in a set schedule, you do not have to worry about pulling all-nighters to finish. This kind of schedule allows for students like me to focus on what is most important, and push back our school/work life to the “most important things”.

When we began, we were hoping to learn the equivalent of what a year of college was costing us. Eventually we would be able to start earning money during our time in school, but the class itself focused on completing the necessary coursework for the degree that we were already awarded. We got tips on how to not just bring back the extra units, but apply more advanced aspects of the lectures. It was more or less a learning experience every week, and a bit of self-study, as opposed to the traditional lecture which is perhaps “to slowly learn the information”.

At one point, I had taken or attempted 20 units in the program. You really should, try to take about 15 units a year if you are going to try something like this. For me, I managed to finish with about 5 degrees from ADU. The majority of my money came from my second year of being in the program. At one point, I paid over $10,000 for 4 units in just one semester, and I had all those points booked up!

When I purchased the program, I went online to check the fees associated with it. When I did, I was a bit surprised to see that I was being charged $99 for my first three years. After my second year of classes, ADU was upping the charge to $399/course (four units). That’s when I was really confused, and I didn’t realize how short I had to be to finish. As I recall, we only had to make it to the end of two or three classes to have the credits to earn the remaining two years. The program was designed to help people get by on a tight budget.

Here is a quick summary:

If you can accept the first quarter for whatever reason (i.e. you are meeting certain minimum standards), you can use that, as opposed to filling out a lot of standard class schedules. You can do this up until you have to start running out of courses. This generally takes place after the fourth quarter.

American Digital University brings you the coursework; what you actually do to complete that coursework is what ADU wants you to focus on.

ADU/Cyber University has a “GEMS” program, which stands for Get Stuff Modified. GEMS is a “badged” program where you are being marketed to by universities. GEMS offers students the ability to sign up for classes that don’t have the class schedule you are given. Cyberschool got approval from ADU in order to offer their private programs like ADU does. What it is is something that is slightly over the average industry standard, but ADU/Cyberschool looks at how well its students do to determine if they are ready for this kind of program.

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