Roper,r. A. Good Ideas. How Students Develop Online Learning Skills. (2007). 1. 62-65.

Asana Voss has teamed up with Stan Goodall to develop an innovative way to assess student learning on projects.

Roper,r. A. Good Ideas. How Students Develop Online Learning Skills. (2007). 1. 62-65.

I began thinking about how the computer revolution has affected both (1) how we teach and (2) how we learn.

I was looking for a way to create an integrated essay production platform where student essays can be written and approved by our team of experts.

I started gathering data to get a better picture of what skills students needed to be proficient in the future. Then I remembered my Zendesk Chat and wondered if this company’s online scripting software could be a new way to provide these skills to students.

I started with their website and signed up for their online scripting to begin programming my essay. As soon as I logged in, I was able to begin coding. I was writing simple lines in a specific pattern. The only problem was I was only using the program for about an hour at a time. I had noticed that the code code is somewhat limited and I needed to add more tools and I needed to make it more versatile to enable any student to add any type of input.

I proceeded to change one of my “keyboards” in my script so that I could add one more color to each line of code.

I started using this program on the test site and took a couple of tests with this software, I noticed there were a few major problems. The test site had a problem translating my directions for the code into a Q&A. The problem is that the questions are not random and are for the same field of question. Therefore, if one correct answer is followed up by an incorrect answer, the first correct answer cannot be used. If there are two incorrect answers to a question, the same text has to be returned to the question form. This renders the Q&A process in most common use computer programming jargon.

I used every piece of this software I could and I received one hundred and sixty five test points. I was pleased with my performance on these tests and I was eager to try this essay program more often.

There was only one thing that I couldn’t do with the program and that was export the code into the document format. Therefore, I did not receive the results that I needed from this test.

After creating another keyboard, I started working on the second problem I had. I started adding more text to the written line. I used what is called Shortcut text editing for my testing program. However, I knew there was a problem here and I realized that for the most part the test site only treated the text in a note field as text. Therefore, any short text can be acted upon, but most of the text is action typed into line 2 and above with no change made in the text field.

I transferred the text straight into the formatting field and I produced a document with the features I intended to create and the problems I had on the test site. The document I produced enabled me to write using the FFA program to include the structure of the field (see diagram below).

Using this option, all of the text in the field can be added to the text field. I was able to add all text in this field on the test site. I used the paper format as well so my essays would end up in the proper format that my tests require. This saved me hours of frustration at my time spent on writing sections in the essays.

The Final Report

I went into my next test with the FFA program. I had the intent of incorporating this program so that I would be able to write more easily. But the errors I found in the test site kept me from adding more functions to my program.

My goal was to write an essay that students would end up passing. I started with the FFA program, I had some difficulties, but with the help of this program I was able to create a very simple template and then I was able to edit in different ways that I found in the other programs.

I now understand that the FFA program was only designed for programmers and not for full-time students. However, it allowed me to make changes to the issues I encountered while I was writing the test and to quickly get through the sections I was assigned to write.

I think I took the best steps I could in order to get the changes that I needed from the FFA program. It is the best technique that I discovered and it allowed me to completely eliminate the frustrations that I had while writing the test.

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  3. Roper,r. A. Good Ideas. How Students Develop Online Learning Skills. (2007). 1. 62-65.

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