Replying To Peer Who Learning Online

Having users understand how we’re responding to others is key for our product and work as a team. The difference between failures and successes is ensuring that we as a company and specifically our product team offer the right message to our users.

In my early teens, and still of school age, I was fascinated by online conversations. I found it extremely informative and fun to watch a lively conversation unfold between people I didn’t know. I also loved the fact that I could contribute, receive, and feel the weight of the conversation from every facet of my body. My analysis of such discussions fed my interest in IT and Computer Science and I began attending Cybersecurity programming classes.

I’m now a young adult and the online aspect of electronic conversation is still a favorite pastime for me. However, learning online has now turned into a more productive reality. I was recently asked if I can input my Data via Google Translate, and from there I set out to learn exactly how it works and what I can do with it.

Before We Begin

Once all you needs to do is type in “media.” A video guides you through the process, and an entry field pops up. Type the text you want in the fields below, like the term “data” for instance. (you can also click on the checkbox in the right side to input the data manually).

Then select “resized.” This process removes the whole phrase and just embeds the text and header back into the extension of your content with the language format of your choice. Once that’s done, choose “search” by going into options, and under the translation tab select the language field.

At that point, Google will bring up the translation translator appearing in your selected language. Select this option from the description of the data field and the button on the right side, and with the completion of the remaining steps, the entire text is translated, placed on the right side of the Translate format, and immediately appear in the right column on your input screen.

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From here on out, it doesn’t do any better than searching your search for the information you’re seeking, but it could be a very nice tool to have, if you want to get some quick translation done.


There are a few different cloud service providers out there who offer cloud translation. The service has to be purchased from them. If you would like to do it yourself, I would suggest you pick a reliable provider and use it in conjunction with your other cloud services. Most will have an account management page to manage your account. To use one of these services, your new language has to be input in text form, and they can provide you with a translations of the text or your images so you can select it. If it’s a free service, you can do it with a cloud service provider and use it in conjunction with other services.

Other Info

Remember I shared the example below with you, and that the software can be found in many forms. These services are primarily composed of text, and are usable by people who want instant access to the content. However, cloud based services, like Google Translate, feature many translations that help with presenting the text to the user, and they can be used to better convey other information. Sometimes this takes more time, but these services will get you exactly what you need without having to fix errors manually. The Google Translate app also allows you to create an entity, which allows the software to understand different handwriting or speech. It’s a good tool for mastering foreign languages and getting online translation across to users.

Do These Services Work?

There is plenty of good feedback on these services, and you may want to test these things out yourself.

Google Translate is considered the best of the best by many, with a respectable 97% overall ranking on the ratings table. Microsoft Translator is popular, as is Smart Speech Translator, but it is a little more expensive and doesn’t exactly show itself to be a perfect tool in every case. However, it provides live translation every second of the day and is capable of integration with Bing and various other services.

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