Reflection Paper On How To Achieve Online Learning Success

Sure, you get lost scrolling through your friend’s digital learning course. In such a world, your emotional stress seems to multiply exponentially.

Reflection Paper On How To Achieve Online Learning Success

If you’re still in the brainstorming phase about how to get online learning off the ground, try these methods as a starter. Otherwise, you’ll be left paying loads in tuition and fees to keep in your attic until you can do it right, and that will probably take ages to actually happen. One of the most common mistakes is when we try to do it all ourselves—we hop on the internet, check out a few courses, and send in a bid for funding. Ah, the benevolence of an internet platform, now you can take the brush and bleed it dry to build your own bits and pieces!

A problem with this is that when you undertake these studies in isolation, you just end up with more of what you didn’t ask for. Out of the two researchers who took to the internet to seek funding, only one is still employed, with an unenviable and intense workload. In her follow up paper, Ana Carolina Dominguez reports that in her case, she encountered plenty of challenges that seemed too big to overcome. This was one of the fundamental misunderstandings involved in using the internet as a learning tool. She accuses and explains more about how platforms and degrees aren’t the answer to finding online success.

This whole approach to online learning is purely dependent on self-belief. You can’t be trusted with a degree. You can’t be trusted to handle a course that’s intentionally out of your depth. You can’t be trusted when it comes to questions on critical thinking and relevance—you’re naïve and lacking in the core areas that most of us take for granted. Just getting the slightest comprehension of most of these would surely be a waste of time, and even then, there are so many people who’ve never done anything like this and feel confident enough.

We’re encouraged to believe that our online learning can be taken on by anyone, no matter the educational or career background—it’s bound to be relevant for all of us, just without the element of surprise and complexity. But it isn’t. We’re taught it’s all possible—it’s just that when we really dive into it, we find out that reality is more complex than we’d ever imagined. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, it’s a terrible thing. It’s these sentiments that Ana Carolina Dominguez deals with in her paper, which talks a great deal about idealism and putting everything through a filter to see the good and bad in order to learn better.

Ana Maria Dominguez has been studying and researching online learning for close to a decade now. Her second paper is a completely impartial account of how online learning does and doesn’t work. And while that applies to real-life learning, it particularly encourages us to think about online learning when it comes to positive learning. Indeed, using online learning effectively might just make you stronger, richer, and more expert than you’ve ever been.

Highlighting that online learning needs to be used to enhance existing teaching methods—not be the teaching methodology itself—allows us to better support individuals who are taking on courses online. Nobody wants to experience warts and all failures. Empathy with others is just that, empathy. You need to be able to understand why they don’t do it the way you do—and that means understanding how they think, not just what they think. You need to avoid the mindset that “I have to do it the way they do it” and instead, encourage others to learn online—just like it.

Learning has to be about the learning, not about the teaching methods. Online learning is the perfect tool to encourage learning within oneself, and that’s what we need to be focused on now more than ever. Let’s stop taking online learning for granted and make it something we should be striving for—and successful at.

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