Reasons Why Online Learning Is Bad Learning Style

The idea of online learning as a super easy way to squeeze more time out of your days is probably prevalent in classrooms all over the country. And good for them!

Reasons Why Online Learning Is Bad Learning Style

Do you work in an office and often find yourself stuck mid-sentence due to the interruptions caused by people moving around the workplace? If you’re just one of many people, the answer will probably be yes.

The same can happen for those of us who are constantly jumping from activity to activity on our own social media channels. These aren’t the only reasons why we find it hard to focus on learning, but it’s surely one of them.

Why Do You Find It Hard to Learn?

We’re all lazy, right? And how do we know if we have been lazy? One way is to track the things we watch on TV or sit down for a coffee or even spend any time staring at our phones.

We’re not going to stop doing these things, so how do we know if we are? If you’re sitting at your desk at work and everything seems to be slow or at the mercy of others with something to say, then you’re definitely lazy.

“Writing things down is a very important thing to do if you want to do it well. So stop watching TV and actually write something down.” – Ron Hübner (OMG Intelligent Design Magazine)

When you have a tight deadline, or just have too much on your plate at the moment, you will be more likely to run to TV or other distractions to wait it out. The answer is clearly easier things first.

Inevitably, the distractions will overtake you, and you will end up spending more time focused on your television and forgetting what you were hoping to learn.

Just Crack Under Your Pressures

There’s a much greater chance of getting through something if you can handle the stress of it rather than just the challenges of learning. Going from desk to desk where you are staring at the floor, listening to music and doing nothing, will just lead to a low level of satisfaction, not learning.

“When you see people who really feel a responsibility to teach and guide people, they are there, literally, for every week and they are truly there.” – Forbes Magazine

You’re not learning because you don’t have time.

You will most likely find yourself reading the lessons and failures of others, and just not reading them enough to find out what’s actually happening.

Our schedules are already crammed, but you need to devise ways to make learning happen when you have the time. Learn to take on short-term projects.

“Changing the ratio is something that can make a world of difference. If I focus on the short-term view, I am better able to learn and do better and it’s something that might not be possible without your time.” – Gary Itse

You’re not learning because you don’t want to learn.

Just because you don’t want to pay attention or know what you’re learning about doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.

What is important is understanding how much learning needs to be effective. For most people, we are just focusing on the basics, and that will get you nowhere.

I always try to look at the topic for learning in detail and figure out what kind of learning is the best for me. If you are looking for something that will help with your career or even something that you can put on your resume, there are always resources and apps to help you out.

And how do we know that learning isn’t effective? The most important goal you should have is becoming more knowledgeable in your fields. Learning can be a very important thing for you to learn so that you can move into new and better professions.

“Diversify your knowledge in your field, so it helps to be exposed to different types of teachers. Also get a mix of experiences if possible, being able to gain insight by having an external perspective about a particular subject.” – Whistler on earth (Canada)

You’re afraid to invest in learning.

Do you find that you’re spending your time thinking about learning but not actually doing it? Do you spend the majority of your day reading about a new concept in an article, instead of actually realizing how to apply it in your work?

Over time, you will end up feeling the learning is not valued, and therefore, you will be more likely to refuse to try and apply it.

If learning is the last thing you’ve been doing for a while and you know it’s really important, don’t let it hinder you from trying.

As you can see, learning can be a very exciting thing and an important thing to do. When you do actually learn something important, you are going to feel so much better about yourself.

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