Real Life Of Someone Who Had To Did Online Learning Instead Of Traditional

The true story of 2 Apple employees who went online for real life requirements.

Shopping online: it’s become the dominant mode of purchasing many items. But there’s one major hurdle: how to learn how to use, and use online shopping. Doing so effectively needs time and effort and a keen eye for details. Online shopping can bring big savings, but, that’s not really enough to gain an edge on your competition. The GoodGuide goes one step deeper, showing you how to evaluate the chemicals that are put into the goods you use on a daily basis.

“I am not a particularly fast learner. But, I have noticed that a great deal of the skills I need for the job need to be taught while I’m actually doing the job, so that I don’t completely lose track of where I’m heading and what I have to do next,” says Australian blogger Amber Webster. She was lucky enough to find her passion for activism while working as a sales associate in an upscale department store.”

Amber soon discovered that she had a lot of interests in beauty products and felt called to become a champion for a better awareness and regulation around them. “In 2011, I started working to highlight the ways companies were endangering human health with ingredients. This started me on a new journey of advocating for safer products, with increased pressure on major retailers to take action and everyday activists to further their work.”

Treatment Center at Meadowland Hall in Ashbury, UK. Credit: Ashbury Clinic

The main issues Amber is working on today involve cosmetics, personal care, cleaning, cooking and forties cleaning products. “At first it was OK to ignore the new research and not to fixate on the social impact – because the men and women working in the beauty industry don’t see that their day-to-day lives are becoming increasingly toxic. And that is the problem: how can we possibly expect our health or environment to be in good health if we don’t take the time to learn from the products we’re using?

Amber then made the crucial decision to go totally against the accepted norm, and enroll in an online class. “It was hard to raise the initial funds I needed. A friend in the beauty industry would use her connections and connections with the funding streams to help.”

She needed to search out a specific skill — makeup artistry. The demand for more skilled makeup artists is quite high right now. But, Amber found her online course through a program through global Vlogger Marketing Manager. She had to achieve one of three degree results to graduate.

While preparing for the course Amber talked to her friends to find out about how the online course works. “Learning things on the go did give me a great head start in being independent and not having to rely on someone else’s knowledge.”

Video-based video game tutorials from Frontier Streaming, UK

Having enough experience to challenge the perceptions of a student on how to use online courses, Amber understood that there was not a class she could speak with on “how to do a video-based tutorial on Frontier Streaming, which had the minimum requirements for AAA-level content, a reasonably robust library of content and really good quality stream videos.” So, she searched for a tutoring resource and brought in her friend Todd Dickinson, who had been taught video-game tutorials online and taught kids online through Game Operation.

Todd was in the entertainment industry but found a new passion for teaching online. He taught various topics like picture-perfect animation for Proterra X, Elvia Terranova and Nick Davi. He has worked with multi-generation families and married with lots of kids. The course also helped Amber in building skills that she can put to better use in her activism.

Case study: How a Boy Influenced Her Coursework

Now, as Amber continues her career and travels the world as an influencer, she has many meetings in different countries where she tries to spread the good word about safer products. “And they listen. Sometimes, I ask what a product is about. The answers seem pretty generic but it all comes down to the trust.”

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