Real Life Of Someone Who Did Online Learning Instead Of Traditional

Our culture tends to believe that we should go the traditional route, and that each person is best served by the same education program, regardless of ability.

Real Life Of Someone Who Did Online Learning Instead Of Traditional

First of all, in a recent article that you may have read about an acclaimed performer that used to play Nicole Scherzinger in a series, my real life story is about going from young looking working artist to building homes for people through my current company, Trilok Holdings. I decided to take a different approach, perhaps you are tempted to imagine this path for yourself!

Bully for Me!

However, I think this perhaps is the point – and this is an example of a consumer, who led her life as a student first and foremost, and then came back to do the adult learning for which she was truly equipped. There will always be a consumer in this world and we should always try to engage with them by offering products and services that are of interest.

I think that when you look at the customer and survey the different interests that they have, one possible solution may just be in entertaining. But in the true spirit of “fully educating” the consumer that we live in today! How exciting is that?

Inventing Original Ideas

When you think about how much the consumer changes throughout their life and career, this change is probably more pronounced than any other. The effects of this are many of which have become clear and obvious in society.

As a result of this, an interesting area for expansion of our business is employee retention and motivation, whilst the advantage of the consumer is that you have more time to create new ideas! My commitment in any form of innovation would be to be an innovator and not a laggard and a follower.

The Big Picture is Important

What does it mean to be an innovator? It really means you are a “genius in action” that generates opportunities that can revolutionize entire industries. This is what has happened in every industry since the past 100 years, from textiles to medicine. These seem to be the foundations for what is going to happen this century. Innovation, the sum of part, is the potential of the entrepreneur’s ability to innovate. An innovation should at the forefront of your mind at all times, not merely while experiencing downtime.

It is about recognizing opportunities, however, and discovering the “big picture”. Some days you will discover that these opportunities do not exist. For example, there were two articles in a magazine recently which concluded that the internet will not eat the world’s largest company – Amazon!

Listen, but Listen to Others!

Innovators don’t always adhere to the path of the obvious as you have probably heard over the years that, and actually, many do. Actually there is more to it than this as people tend to be in this sector to be innovative, but also to be leaders. It is the field of business that does require continuous education, and it has to continuously be brought to the forefront in order to stay relevant, and actually, stay alive.

The real picture for getting to where you want to be is not about the big picture, and to recognize this, as an entrepreneur, is what you should do first.

Disclaimer: Those of you who have taken any online courses, should know that I, too, have taken quite a few online classes. Here are the other initial stages of my online learning journey:

Understanding the “Wilderness”

First, taking a step back into the wilderness of academia from the world of online learning was just a natural progression of my life in my early twenties.

As soon as I realized that online learning wasn’t really, well not “working” for me, I quickly embarked on the “true apprenticeship” of self-educating and self-seeking. This really has been the process of finding myself as a business owner. When I first started, I came up with ideas and we (of course!) tried to leverage each other’s existing knowledge base to great results, but then began developing my own proprietary knowledge base that was valuable and became a big part of what is actually my personal property.

We learned from the world of the internet (i.e. reading, the “greatest”, almost to a person, Internet articles to come up with the best use of technology, connecting and synchronizing the dots to create ideas for whatever you need to (in my case)…)

It was our journey to create something that not only attracted the attention of an online community and grew into a potential business, but also attracted attention from the local community. The clients, who were in need of what we were offering, picked up on it and it took off very quickly. I am an entrepreneur at heart and like to “keep improving”. I won’t stop until I do.

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