Real Life Account Of Someone Who Had To Online Learning

Real Life Account Of Someone Who Had To Online Learning

Have you ever wondered what life was like as a self professed Social Media Associate?

Have you ever wondered what life was like as a self professed Social Media Associate?

Today I want to tell you a story about one Facebook friend in particular who has been on a constant journey to become the best person he could possibly be online.

A story of a budding entrepreneur who has come in and out of the realm of homelessness several times but continues to struggle to find success when it comes to his personal life.

After years of struggle and vagrancy we got the chance to work together on several online courses and books with various foundations such as the Wellesley Convent Education Program, Ebers Gold Coast Christian Foundation, and Life Impact Foundation.

Proud Parents: Ted and Belle Brusk

Today I don’t care if you don’t know who he is because he’s a person I know and have known for years.

It is a testament to what we were able to achieve together that he is able to get by in whatever situation he finds himself in.

Each day I got the chance to sit at his computer and watch him monitor the mood of his listeners on his personal channel using vivid language and a story that can only be described as inspirational.

He would send out daily streams of inspiration at 5:00 a.m. and I’d believe what he was sending out and then suddenly he would replace himself with Jesus and make me believe in him for hours.

He taught me and his listeners to see through the very fabric of our lives and to see what is right with us.

I’ve watched this young man going through the exact same struggles as a slew of young people he was working with.

Once his classes came to an end he would be back on the streets (again) and only this time it would only take a night or two.

Again he would find himself in a homeless shelter, and then he would return to my office the next day ready to apply to colleges and universities.

I began to notice a pattern with Ted at this point. He would reapply to a few colleges and universities and then say goodbye.

I’d call to see if he was looking for another internship.

Then he’d begin to use social media to get on the radar of a few CEOs who were looking for talent.

I found myself on his Facebook page and by logging in I was able to see the level of fake love he had for the department of marketing.

Watching him after every job interview was like watching a hopeful it boy in a sixth grade social studies class wanting to be an entrepreneur.

I began to think to myself, Ted, let me be your business inspiration for you.

I would constantly encourage him on how to get the most out of the (roadblocks) in his life because he kept coming back.

He was eager to show up in the limelight.

Sure enough he would find himself in an Internet Cafe and I could hear the buzzing of a microphone.

I leaned over, “I see you have an audition coming up in 5 minutes.”

He smiled as the face he couldn’t escape from started to melt into his chest.

He looked at me and looked right at the microphone and broke out into laughter.

When I saw that I wanted to be there for him more than I ever thought I would want to be for anybody else, including myself.

He had come to me. He was going to be ok. He was going to hold this onto a long time.

“Have fun on stage with us – You better treat us to a shot of Demerol next time.”

A week later we got back together to take the audition. He finished the audition much to my surprise.

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