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S. Caroline Seton is one of the most famous writers and researchers of distance learning. She has penned numerous books, articles, and works as a consultant working with students in order to get them the best degrees they can get. She even coined the term distance learning to describe the connection between learning and the classroom, with most of us thought of as a resource for a teacher in an academy or college.

S. Caroline Seton sat down with Top of the Lake: China Girl Director China Machado, Casting Director Lisa Wainwright, and Casting Interns Ben and Lizzy.

Online learning, even distance learning, is here to stay in this generation. Online learning is one of the many ways that we can access and even ultimately learn from a great teacher in a world where learning and opportunities to succeed in the classroom or on the job have become more complicated, less practical, and less accessible, through technological advances.

According to China Machado, School and College is changing. In today’s world, 21st century tools like online learning, robotics, and soft-skills, are going to make education into a tool where students not only need to adapt to learn to excel, but also where it can change with the times. This is what set S. Caroline Seton up with the term distance learning to describe a situation where learners become independent and learn more effectively.

Direct entry to high schools! But not just any high school.

Some schools have changed the grading from an A-B-C to a 90/100/90 in order to cater to students’ needs and plans. The decision might not be possible within those schools, but it shows that educators are willing to listen to students and prepare them, and be flexible, to be able to realize their dreams.

The same is true for bachelor’s degrees as well, where universities can now allow students to submit as many projects as they want. The students can keep the work where they feel comfortable and lead on their own, as they reach their goals. However, tuition is still extremely expensive.

Various major companies have realized that online learning is very effective for certain fields.

Uber, for example, launched their UberTight program which help people to connect across geographic limits, enabling the students to actually learn.

Employers have realized that online learning is a cost-effective way to recruit, with low-cost tuition and abundant flexibility.

Consumers like apps for ordering food, shopping, paying bills, and receiving free online coursework, e.g. courses to learn a new language, online certificates, and so on.

Algorithmic learning will make artificial intelligence part of online learning

We are still on our first try of technology, and we already have several use cases. However, we will soon witness many new development stages, like the latest example that the Google Brain Cloud built a technology on online learning, so that the learning environment will adapt to the learners’ changes and progress.

Companies like Algorithmic Learning will let their algorithms do all the jobs and teach ourselves. Instead of using generic text in computer learning, we will finally see topics taught through computers and AI, and instead of using classical text in computers, machines will be able to study the topic of your choice.

This is the first time that AI will be able to adapt to any student’s needs, and thus help the learner reach their full potential. Because AI can pick up on each student’s specific learning needs, we will see online learning becoming more personalized. Some may even start comparing their online learning in terms of quality to an academy.

It is important to acknowledge the student’s role. We will see more video chats and the students will be more engaged. These tools allow the young ones to express their learning, so we will see a marked improvement in the quality of online education.

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