Problems An E-learning Platform Has When Marketing Online

There are several common issues that a digital marketing platform fails to take care of. The brand should carefully consider these when building an online presence.

Problems An E-learning Platform Has When Marketing Online

Problems. That word grates on my nerves. There are enough of them today, and as far as I’m concerned, we need to make ways to stop them. It is one of the biggest problems for many people, when it comes to getting a job or finding someone to date, and it just doesn’t seem to go away.

Until we do something about it, our culture is going to continue to splinter.

It’s time we began to curb the rampant mayhem that is is caused every single day in our busy lives, and we can start by working on that thing that annoys me the most, e-learning. And that is the perception that e-learning platforms have of themselves.

There is, you see, no breakdown in the output. While they hear from every client that he or she is “utilizing e-learning,” it’s the overall impression they get, coupled with something I’ll refer to as “the legend”, that stings the most.

When a prospective client tells you what they are looking for, the specific things that you stand for, and what they want to be sold, those are things that are not spoken about in all but the rarest instances.

And those are deals that you are not nearly as successful at selling as you think you are, because of that missing piece.

For example, in this industry, you have a company that gives you a hard time for recruiting support to meet customers and figure out their needs, while constantly fielding calls for help with e-learning.

But that is the problem we have. This kind of mindless recruitment is how you waste 90% of all your client meetings. The reason I say mindless is because it makes the job much more fun to send out that robot with a fake name that makes no commitment to you or your company.

These are people that are paid in cash and sign a contract that sets the hiring and firing date for you…and does nothing to make the paychecks come faster.

By definition, these types of people are the cream of the crop, and the one that makes up the biggest percentage of your client’s valuable internal e-learning time.

They are comprised of younger, dynamic, enthusiastic marketing folks, just here for the money, and currently in no real commitment to you or your idea.

These are the people that walk in, hail you as a genius, and immediately write you up for failing to do the proper work.

And as you know, failure is something we all hate to admit, especially in our industry, where the perception of people in the know is just as important as doing your job right.

This is because I think that perception really matters, at least to us in this space, and that should never be the case.

The more that we keep it buried and play by our own self-imposed, fairly rigid rules, the less we’ll be able to deliver good leads, and the worse the overall results will be.

Some of the worst places for bad job leads are places where people don’t have a clue, but that does not mean they should not be paying attention.

It’s all very simple. You have to put in the work, market wisely, and have a good sense of your “genius level”.

And the people that do all that are the people that will have the access to the clients who are ready to pay top dollar. They are your best chance at building an impeccable reputation, which is something that you can take advantage of with due consideration.

This is especially true when you look at the things that you will be teaching someone, or the skills that you are able to show them, both in terms of a question or short form, or through the more in-depth videos.

e-learning and content marketing go hand in hand. More and more people are learning how to use content with each passing year, and as you work to polish your content and get better at it, expect to see more paying clients that see your videos and interact with your content and books.

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