Problems An E-learning Platform Has When Marketing Online

You can raise money to fund your budding business online for pennies on the dollar, but you’re not about to start anything. With a lack of inventory, shipping costs can make launching a website worthwhile.

You’ve probably seen it: You log on to Amazon, only to have pages and pages of advertisements pop up beneath your search results. You’re not even in the wrong place—you’re searching for something else entirely. And you’re not even sure if it’s a smart extension from a competitor like Google, or one of these infinitesimal advertisements on the right rail of the website.

It’s not a nefarious ad; it’s simply a contextual advertisement on Amazon, which is purchasing contextual advertising to better serve the ads you have asked Amazon to serve. Amazon is not a brand-new problem, but it’s an increasing problem, which could be solved if online organizations used a data-centric audience management approach. Amazon and Google need to work together to provide data that enables both organizations to better serve you, but at the same time, this has already been done—and Amazon’s personalization of its digital advertising campaigns is the answer.

Based on data, Amazon sees you and responds with relevant advertising, while Google’s results only bring up what you were originally looking for. Amazon found a way to create a more personalized experience. In order to serve you a better advertisement, it needs data.

Amazon has invested heavily in machine learning, which could be a valuable use of this data. Machine learning is the process of building computer models, which predict outcomes in nature and technology. One question is whether or not machine learning is beneficial to online advertising. Here’s what we know:

Online organizations like Amazon and Google need to invest in advanced data management and analytics. Amazon has invested big money in machine learning. Machine learning is to today’s Internet as writing was to the ancient Egyptians: The ancient Egyptians needed to know and learn so they could contribute to society and culture.

If you use traditional methods of advertising, like text ads, you don’t have a reason to think that one ad you received years ago, or a different ad today, is better than the one you saw yesterday. Both will bring you something that you didn’t even know you needed.

This is where Amazon’s advanced capabilities come in: It creates context by studying personalization. Amazon has a deep knowledge of every piece of data in our e-commerce presence (this is why it provides me with Amazon Prime shipping). When Amazon sees it, it can use that data to help me to know what to buy. However, while it has improved my experience in the world, it hasn’t exactly made me more aware of Amazon, while it is working to become an even bigger part of our lives.

Amazon has been given an opportunity to be the company that masters data analytics. This opportunity could be exploited for the benefit of advertisers and customers: It could help online sites serve their customers in the way they want to be served, and give advertisers the most effective targeting of customers as possible. Amazon could become the search engine, Internet giant, and organic leader of our e-commerce world.

It will be a tall order to help Amazon fulfill this challenge, but it’s a challenge Amazon was founded to solve. In the e-commerce industry, where their competition is Amazon, their challenges are just as challenging—specifically, the issue of Google, which is currently making ad-related acquisitions and paying customers to remain well ahead of the competition.

In short, the acquisition of critical assets for sophisticated data management is just another thing in Amazon’s favor, and is an opportunity to help online advertising. But don’t even think of it as a “challenge.” It’s an opportunity that could transform the e-commerce industry as we know it, and make Amazon the company that’s leading it—just as the ancient Egyptians had centuries ago.

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