Presence Learning What Does Presence Learning Do How Does Online Therapy Work

Presence Learning What Does Presence Learning Do How Does Online Therapy Work

Making a Peer-to-Peer Connection

(Edmonds, Wash.) – Presence Learning, Inc. is a leading provider of virtual and online therapy and coaching technology. You are able to use Presence learning technologies to learn, do, and be happy. The company also develops online communities to help people with disabilities learn.

“Many people with disabilities live alone. Their peers need to know they are doing well. They learn to trust their friends and family and become their own advocate,” said Joey Dorn, Presence Learning CEO and Founder.

Presence Learning On the “Evening Line” with Mary

Dorn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who started his career working with severely disabled adults in the Twin Cities. Presence Learning is a very personal, well-conceived company for a very personal service. For Dorn, it’s a mission that began many years ago as he watched patients thriving together in small, intimate groups.

“A counselor is just one person. The virtual group is like having eight counselors with you on the spot,” said Dorn. “Unlike a traditional therapist, they can talk to you at any time, listen to you, reinforce what you are saying, ask questions, and they can also offer coaching and educational sessions. This is invaluable.”

Unlike traditional therapy with therapists sitting at a desk, the virtual sessions are three-on-three with each counselor able to sit on the spot. There is a therapist trained to enhance the groups’ empathy, take a key skill and knowledge to another role, or they can coach the group. The virtual group sessions are ongoing 24/7 and the interaction is free of charge.

Most of the support for Group Therapy is provided by the therapists. There are no fees for therapists, training, or development of technology. “Our success is dependent on whether or not the therapists who have the greatest response to the virtual groups believe they are making a difference. They are immersed in the program and most therapists are happy to continue,” explained Dorn.

Group Psychotherapy has been popular since the 1930s and it’s continued to grow in popularity and acceptance. So has Presence Learning. Both organizations have a level of success when it comes to emotionally-related group therapy using the same technologies that made Presence Learning a success for Dorn as a young man.

In order to expand the number of people who benefit from the virtual groups, Presence Learning has developed online communities where individuals and families can interact and learn from each other. The eight online communities and support groups offer support groups, virtual therapy, and coaching.

“The Community provides a two-way, interactive community to learn from others and support each other. Every day we can gather thousands of individual family members, clients, and therapists for support, and we are working on developing an online, virtual group to offer peer-to-peer therapy for those who have chronic mental health conditions such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction, and OCD,” said Dorn.

The founder of the online community was a suicide survivor who had the skills and knowledge that help lead groups on the “Evening Line.” She would tell a story in the group, listen to others, identify themes of what each spoke about, and add that to the group. Dorn was a solo practitioner in the Twin Cities who was interested in creating a video group. He was later inspired to work on the online support groups as he watched the survivors who relied on online groups for support.

If you’re someone with a mental health issue, be prepared to talk about the subject or openly discuss the topic on the “Evening Line.” Dorn takes the one-on-one online therapy sessions about eight hours into interactive groups of four or five people in multiple locations. The cost is relatively low for a day of our online group compared to an individual therapy session, particularly with an unlimited number of participants or group.

Presence Learning has an experienced team of therapists who make their way through the group with virtual coffee, play games, share stories, and so on. As a result of a passion for helping the most vulnerable, they make every moment count.

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