Power Point What Is Distance Learning? What Is Online Learning? How Can They Defer?

Is the current trend of distance learning really called distance learning? Or is it just a fancy name for online learning?

Power Point What Is Distance Learning? What Is Online Learning? How Can They Defer?

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is an investment in learning and that investment has a guaranteed return because it makes it easy to access quality teaching at any time, any place. It also requires a great deal of preparation and research. It typically involves many students and many teachers, but it has great potential.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is as we keep repeating; “it doesn’t cost money.” That is the truth, but it’s a double-edged sword. Some information and services can be accessed via the internet, but it requires a great deal of preparation and that too has a payoff because the learning is immediate and available with a few clicks of a mouse.

Distance learning offers flexible access to quality teaching, but the same can’t be said for online learning. It may be convenient and accessible with a few clicks, but it still requires far more prep, research, and preparation.

How Can They Defer?

Many course material is understood online, but there are always sections of content that can only be accessed through long-distance, in-person preparation and classes. For example, at universities, you have to allow time for students to map out their homework, review, and review their homework again. That doesn’t work in the same way when it’s accessible through the internet. Distance learning has a lot of drawbacks, but many could be overcome, which is why flexibility is so important.

High-quality support that allows you to connect to the system and achieve success by following suggested textbooks, assignments, and exams is also crucial to your success. There are other drawbacks to using an online system, and you’ll only be able to defer them when necessary. The benefits, however, far outweigh the drawbacks.

Learn How to Defer

One of the most important things to do is to understand how distance learning is, and it isn’t, equivalent to online learning. It’s not the same as online schooling, but it does require course material and research. When you are in the classroom, you aren’t just attending as students. You’re making a commitment to learn what is at stake and you are learning for yourself.

Distance learning provides your learning with several advantages that online learning doesn’t. The advantages include

Expenses could be substantially less if you are able to create a distance learning opportunity and fill it. That can be impossible in-person. Your inability to attend in-person classes can be a huge obstacle in distance learning. The ability to gain access at any time, anywhere can provide a lot of value.

1. Look to best practices

There are a lot of things to know before making a decision. Successful distance learning is a result of a collaborative effort involving the entire learning team. They are involved in the entire process including creating the problem, research, project planning, and finally design.

2. Find professors who value participation

When online learning was first invented, there was no opportunity for social interaction. Universities were always students, but there was little opportunity for instructors to connect. That, of course, has all changed, but there are still pitfalls with distance learning.

3. Look to how teachers solve problems

A class that focuses on technology and technological advancement is one that leads to problem solving. That’s where the importance of collaboration comes in. By creating relationships with other students, instructors are able to start solutions in a meaningful and relevant way.

4. Look to how teachers share their knowledge

Many instructors are extremely enthusiastic about sharing and sharing more information about their classes and classrooms. That’s not always easy and sometimes it’s difficult to find them. Faculty are often involved in social movements that can bring in extra money through books sales and courses that don’t help to keep your tuition costs low.

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