Power Point Distance Learning? What Is Online Learning?

When you have a large and growing classroom like mine, it can become difficult to keep everyone on top of everything. It can be especially challenging when large and diverse sets of workload need to be managed.

A few years ago at a friends house we had a simple game play between two friends, who split up into groups of 4. Play time is usually instant but we played our players about 4 minutes so that everyone’s hand had a chance to dry and be fully formed. About 10 games in, I found myself laughing as I managed to balance my balance under the pull of some of those pedals and without breaking my legs or getting injured. How I made it from one side of the room to the other in such a short amount of time.

I’m amazed at how long it takes some of us to learn how to ride the bike. One moment you have no idea how to ride and within seconds the wheels are perfectly balanced and you are passing people by as you effortlessly shift the handle bars to the left and right. Play time then went to about 45 minutes but by then I knew how to balance and manage the bike so I’d already proved myself to some degree. Now I hadn’t learned to ride until after I’d died.

What we do know is that when you reach a certain level of proficiency and mastery then you only go so far as a bike will allow. You could spin it like crazy and use all your strength but that’s going to send you spinning over and over and over. So you progress yourself from the boundaries of what you can do in your own backyard to places you might never have dreamed of but you have absolutely no control over where you go to.

At the Caring Brain & Behavior Therapies a workshop I spoke at they were demonstrating how they were teaching people how to use Reach and Redirection. Everyone was in the same room and watching. One guy pulled the other guy close to him on a chair and then clicked his hands together. They held eyes and held hands. Very weak hand holding but it was clear that they were looking at each other and feeling the difference of the positive and negative feedback flowing between them. The techniques needed a bit of a rework but they were still getting similar results.

Reach and Redirection using hand signals and facial expressions.

Holding a hand means leaning into an action but this person was receiving support and not leaning into their hand as it is too strong for their own body to lift. Holding a hand signals support for others. This person was receiving support from a person who was capable of doing it and this was the object of the exercise as well as sending a signal to the other person.

So, to answer the question of what is Online Learning? My friend and colleague Brett Warner of Brett Warner Design had the great idea of sitting back, taking a deep breath and thinking for himself. He then had a Google search for what could be the true definition of Online Learning. Turns out the definition isn’t that simple. You don’t simply go to a school, even if you get a badge to prove you’ve done a certain number of hours of study and that is it.

Online Learning means the collection of resources that are available to you at your fingertips, in some cases at a much faster pace than you would have done alone and still when you are done, you have mastered your material. You can log into the site after you’ve finished and you will have the exact same content that you had before. You will be on a similar platform so the same navigation, order of content and search tools apply so you will never be far away from what you need.

Being able to learn online may have better benefits than seeing in an traditional classroom but it shouldn’t be confused with Cheetah Running. You will still need to study your material, it just won’t be time consuming the way you would have been in a classroom. With a set time table and time requirements based on the time needed to study that material you can give it your full attention so you don’t get distracted by the constant flow of fun or talking or even laughter.

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