People Who Use Online Learning Websites

This list encompasses only the pure educational sites; I only include the largest names.

People Who Use Online Learning Websites

The large majority of people who learn online are from households with incomes of more than $75,000 per year. Below are some of the most common forms of online learning, in order of importance.


We know that many people engage in the existence of “debtors’ prisons,” but the reality is that there is often an added social stigma for people who are believed to be on such loans. Is online learning a better alternative?

In a NERA study, Dr. Kathy O’Shea found that only 18 percent of the African-American population is on credit cards or other forms of unsecured debt. In these cases, the financial tools and financial institutions are largely not a part of a sustainable choice for individuals living that way.

Accounting software helps people to “count their chickens” on a weekly basis and ensure the safekeeping of money, but if there are no filters on who has access to that information or they believe it will be used in a profane manner, financial education may help for some.


Personal finance is no longer a topic for the wealthy but a major topic for everyone, but trust is not the only concern for people who invest their money. There may be cases where personal money management sites are valuable and provide a great deal of value, but again, trust needs to be established and established and maintained.

Courses about paying your bills and managing your expenses are great resources, but overvaluing online training may only make matters worse. Real connection and practical value can only come through applying these skills with real consequences in real life. While it may be a great thing to just brush off certain expenses or pay a last minute bill, this type of strategy does nothing for the financial instability in real life and something needs to be done about that.

Finance Management

The opportunity to receive proper education in finances and effectively manage one’s life in these matters can be an excellent resource for those living in poverty and just out of college. In addition to helping people cut back on spending by taking advantage of rewards programs and other financial methods, career training can help one gain valuable skills that will benefit one’s working life.

Education about money management can provide a lot of value, so it’s important to make sure one is getting the complete package. The technology behind their courses is often superior to what is used in college or in high school because that’s the only way they can reach high numbers of people online.

In fact, the study also found that almost 65 percent of students who took online education courses were from households that earned $35,000 or less. Such income levels don’t provide the greatest resources for financial counselors and the broad, total resources that a college can bring to bear to prepare students for financial management. It’s also important to understand why a person is taking online classes and how they have used the information acquired in those classes to better themselves in the real world.

Traditional Online Courses

Web sites that can usually be found with a search engine can teach everything from accounting to social media management to gardening to martial arts. While all of these subjects are valuable in their own right, some are much more important for those living a situation where more financial security is needed in their lives.

Over the years, Americans have educated themselves on a variety of topics online. To maximize the power of all that knowledge, there is a special place on the Internet for some of the best conversations. While no two people will ever have the same perspective, there is still a lot to be gained in meaningful discussions and relationships.

More information may not be a bad thing, but when there are those engaged in a conversation that helps to solve financial problems, more will be gained than when people are simply discussing the same topic as many.

Those involved in discussions that can be posted and discoverable for those looking to better understand a topic are worthwhile. Whether they are based on reality or fiction, these discussions offer better answers than most books, most regular lectures and most other resources.

In the end, being resourceful may help many people find ways to bring their financial situation into a more financial stability and do it in an online environment.

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