+pacansky-brock Students Feel Successful In Online Learning When Community

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+pacansky-brock Students Feel Successful In Online Learning When Community

I attended the online world in high school. It was a challenge. For one, I was always looking at computers for English homework even though I didn’t speak English at all. I also relied on art majors to do all my homework, which was inconvenient (they were busy with their Zines or slam poetry, let me guess). I eventually came to accept online learning, especially after College Road Trip, and school in general. I knew I would graduate debt-free and move to Paris one day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much success as I’d hoped. If I’d had the full-time online presence, I would have found a full-time job. That, however, just wasn’t the case. I was a star in math, and it was surprisingly difficult to get an account in math. I found this to be pretty ironic, given how I’d been the head of the Math Department my junior year, but I still lost out on the chance to graduate debt-free.

Until the community started. The community offered me opportunities that none of the online options could offer me. I took up a position on the Alumni Program Board (which had previously consisted of a handful of people) and contributed to the lives of my fellow students. I became close to a few of them through social media and my work. I had one student online, and I often tried to help that student succeed through the PTO.

I got a really good sense of what he was like because of that, and I also watched how his interaction with his parents shifted after my wife got pregnant with our son, Ethan. I realized the landscape has changed somewhat since college. The head of the current math department is also a medical student. Prior to that, he was in that same department as an old Ph.D. student. He’s not just teaching classes anymore, he’s also teaching the department. My son is a student in medical school, as well, and he’s one of the best students I’ve had.

That’s the key, I think. College Road Trip, JISPHOU, Co-operative Education programs (which we used in the early ‘80s) were much more of an individualized experience. You would be far more comfortable in the private branch if you weren’t looking at your computer all the time. I guess that’s why I was so disappointed by my experience as an English major. I’d become very attached to my computer and to having someone reading it for me. I guess that’s why I wouldn’t continue to be online myself.

In my post, I said that my only regret about the course I took was not taking AP calculus. I would have been so much more prepared for medical school, and medical school would have really been my ultimate goal. I would have liked to finish medical school. At least then I would have been debt-free. I guess I would still like to do that, but more in a roundabout way now, and probably in a sub-degree program.

I have not found a place to live or a job where I can afford to live and also get my MSc. I understand, of course, that this is a different world than it was when I was in high school, but there are some fundamental similarities. What matters now is how you engage with your community in your new world. I definitely had the worst-case scenario in my mind about the online world. I realize now that I had the best-case scenario. (By “the best,” I really mean “the worst.”) That’s something I learned while writing this post. What’s at stake is whether or not you need to know that. It might be more important if you’re already feeling discouraged or lonely.

Because of that, I’m sticking to online classes. If something is better than nothing, by all means do it.

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