“o’riordan, Tim “”how Should We Measure Online Learning Activity?”””

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"o'riordan, Tim ""how Should We Measure Online Learning Activity?"""

a random question from his childhood – Did you know your friend’s sister was named Sally – maybe her best friend named Sally – and she actually said she didn’t mind her name being taken because it was in the same family as her real name – so do you know someone named Sally – Timc? I used to play as much as I could at Rachael O’Toole’s house on Sundays in the 8th grade, but I never got a chance to ask her at all.

On October 28, I was given a white board by a minister friend – it was a creative way to learn about the Bible. The way they taught it was to use a white board that looked like the BIBLE, only that person was Jesus. My friend Brent was the example for them – Jesus encouraged people to draw images and put those in his name – he asked people to send in their pictures, and then they would see what the Jesus image was.

Then we did some symbolic acts about this, like passing the white board around in a circle – so our friends Tim and I did that. Brent worked on creating things like writing my name and Christ’s name on a piece of paper. Then, he called us boys in groups of three to a circle. I wasn’t allowed to put the white board down because it didn’t look real and would freak people out. We started with a tag line on it: “timcap: not what you say but what you live.” It was an experiment we did all week, and I was so glad I could be part of something like that.

Tim and I decided to try to reach out to our friends. We ended up doing that same thing all week, and we sent our pictures around to friends in all groups of three. Here’s a picture I took on Sunday about how we reached out to everyone to reach out to Tim. We had a white board with Jesus in the middle, the boys in the frames and the friends. We ended up putting this photo on the white board, so we had a picture to keep going around to other students:

And here’s one of the people we sent our picture to – dear friend Tim – and he wasn’t really nice at all. He responded to us and said, “How should we measure online learning activity?”

He suggested that he wasn’t sure how we could do that – but since it was something we had in our heads, why not just pick it up off the board? On Sunday, Tim came into the group and said, “We’re going to set up this white board, and we’ll just draw pictures and make up words and talk about Jesus! We’ll say whatever we want and then we’ll just write down what we wrote on the board, and that will be our test!”

I found that interesting because even though we weren’t having actual words actually said on the board – just pictures – our thoughts stayed the same, so I thought this would be a good idea.

The white board was already back in our little group of three, and as we talked about Jesus, I remember Timm saying, “I went over the thing a few times and I don’t know how we’re going to measure online learning activity!” And then Brent said, “Just pick up the board!”

So Tim would just keep the board over and find whatever happened on the board and do whatever he wanted to do. We started talking about Jesus more – our little private conversations during Bible study – and we finished off with a big paper they had for our tests. This is the final result of our attempt at measuring online learning activity.

It ended up being, “Timcap: Tim’s thoughts on the week, Tim’s test and Tim’s consolation.”

And as you can see on the board, it didn’t work all that well for Tim and Tim. They pretty much took it all in stride, but it meant a lot to them and that makes me feel good.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. I could have just stayed in my little group, but I enjoyed the conversation with Tim about how Jesus is real – and how you can’t take his name away.

I’ve done a lot of projects this year, and I think I’m ready to try them again next year. Now, I wonder if I’ll try my hand at teaching one of the Bibles or writing Word of Wisdom or whatever – I don’t know what I’ll do.

It’s kind of scary to think about a future without those daily quotes though – but I’ll try to make sure I’ll always have them.

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