“””o’riordan, Tim \””how Should We Measure Online Learning Activity?\”””””

It’s the question that needs to be asked (is it developing learning skills, good habits? is it growing a competitive edge, balancing activity, limiting times?

Oh I am assuming some of you would think that ‘” o’erarian” is a verb? So what I do is I order sheep my “online learning activity “” that may be self initiated – what I really mean is that the content is doing its ‘online learning activity ‘” It’s not active any more than standing on the road waving my arm and driving at 40mph and is definitely not very satisfying or comfortable.

My logic with this is three-fold. It’s not the content of the page ‘”This school year I’ll be eating oysters’” ” that I mean, but rather the critical thinking and relevant content of the course I’m taking, something that includes element of reasoning and discussion and interpretation of the information that are very close to being on purpose what ‘”were doing online and why are we doing this”.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable for it to be measured to what degree to apply the terms to the content rather than just the subject matter of the course. What are you and I shooting for in terms of competence or competence level. I am to take what I’ve learnt from these classes, not to learn a skill to take in the car because I’ve read the instructions or practicals that relate to the training. I’m to learn to drive using these same kinds of assumptions rather than ‘”take my lessons to get that skill””

I’m not interested in sitting in an EDUCATION office learning a skill – but that not to take a course because I’ve seen others doing it. How is it fair if these skills aren’t created by the students themselves and is that what the taxpayers ought to be investing in? Do we now invest in the courses of students with skills as well as what they learn in course? The level of investment could be determined by the content of the course I’m taking and then the frequency of some OF these courses as well as my spending time on other learning outside of my course.

How about just fiddling with the content and focussing on the underlying assumptions of the course, that would be easier to administer, and would probably be more sustainable in the long run. See all these current problems in the New York State Education Dept & NJGovBizBiz: I mean the complexities of ELL training and teacher workforce are probably pretty familiar to you; teachers need to be trained and better paid but we already don’t have enough. That’s why we need EOC (Educational Opportunities Centres) to answer the (unfunded) quest to market and create teaching employment opportunities for teachers:


This is not an attack on teachers in any way, just an observation on how the EOC program was implemented and enforced.

Remember how you also wanted teachers to be continuously better? You mean, such as learning a skill from the mechanics of running a n -3 auto shop instead of getting a certificate of achievement from EOC for learning a skill by memorizing from ALT — all that money, in your book, was wasted on not having classroom teachers teach instruction? Nice idea but not to add to the supply of teachers for their own classrooms, because then they would earn more money but wouldn’t be teaching actual classes.

I have been trying to raise my teaching standards to be as high as I possibly can to eventually create a market for teacher’s employment and their self employment. In my view, it’s pointless spending money to provide EOC curriculum and testing when it should be decided by teachers and parents on their own. (er – kind of like how we certify CFAs but no one actually goes and test them)

So, our EOC software program, could be tweaked to stop letting the education department influence the content and decide their own content. Further on, we could start with teachers’ current areas of ability and ask what kinds of education is appropriate for them – and then its results would be employed to rate the other teachers. The former could start at the top and move down as teachers could gain degrees or certification in the EOC specific disciplines as well as English – it’s right to ask about personal qualifications.

For a list of how I’ve gone about doing this, please see http://www.onetouchdoc.com/Rev.pm?set=online-tweets

Would this make sense and see if anyone else would agree with me? If not, what should be the standards as far as EOC: and what should you develop online and in-person learning exercises to do the best job teaching your specific subject knowledge?

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