Online Videos For Learning How To Play Guitar

Guitarists everywhere rejoice: now you can learn how to play in these videos. From beginners to experts, you’ll find videos that’ll help you master many different styles.

Forget noise makers and plastic instruments – today’s guitar buyers will prefer an electronic, analog or wireless device. With that in mind, we rounded up eight great guitar-centric videos that show you how to play… whatever it is you want to play.

From start to finish, we found no shortage of guitar videos, so we couldn’t choose just one. So we’ve put these into order of how quick and easy they are to learn, from serious rockers and to doers to just one-of-a-kind house parties. Also, keep in mind that many of these guitar videos promote the free Boing Boing Guitarist app, which would give you access to the latest free guitar lessons, so you don’t have to purchase a guitar. But the videos feature some of the world’s best guitarists, so if you can’t find one of their recordings, trust us – they’re out there.

Choppy But Smooth Guitar Lessons

Paul Ford has nailed guitar lessons of this genre with videos like this one, so you’ll learn to play classic songs like “Slippery When Wet” (via Soundwave) and play dynamic patterns and other tricks. You’ll learn chords, techniques, riffing, how to play with arrangements, set ups, octaves, levels and other tricks.

Too Easy Guitar Lessons

Guitar Hero Jr teaches you to play like a pro, with visuals of you jamming out your tunes and TV-quality guitar solos. There’s even “Triple Play”: lift up the guitar neck to unlock three different controllers so you can jam any two together.

Guitar Obituary Guitar Lessons

David Samson is a great guitar teacher to the pros, having taught former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and others (he’s the godfather of learning guitar, after all) at the legendary San Francisco Guitar Clinic. If you want to soak up the wisdom of one of the top guitar teachers in the world, here’s a handy little timeline to remind you how to learn his lessons.

Every Recital Must Be This Finesse Guitar Class

Michael Duval is a guitarist who’s lived the rockstar lifestyle with his three-decade career, winning many awards and gigs and even live onstage with John Mayer (see clip above). So he knows a thing or two about playing a grand (or smaller) instrument, which is why he’s so good at teaching you his virtuoso, totally free lessons in his videos.

What Are You Learning Next Week?

If you’ve bought a new guitar but never had a one-on-one lesson with a professional, here’s a great introduction to how it’s done. You’ll also learn the essential beginner’s tips, like how to play the rhythm parts.

Imagine If I Gave You Guitar Lessons From George Harrison

Once you’re addicted to rhythm rock, you can work on the blues. This song by Dave Meyers gives you how to record a blues, with this guitar tutorial for Beginner Blues (which includes the classic “Shake Rattle and Roll”). Plus, Dave shows you how to twist, bend and other guitar tricks to get the blues vibe going. And you can jump right into the game by rocking the Hammond Part Two Boogie 12 Stratocaster on YouTube.

The Definitive Demo Video For Guitar Mastery

Behold this amazing demo video of a beginner playing Chuck Berry’s classic “Johnny B. Goode.” Not only does it show you how to play that lick yourself, but the player also demonstrates the tricks he discovered by playing another tune by Chuck Berry. Also, it brings up everything he learned on Guitar Part One, including taking control of the song structure by switching between solo and pedal.

PUSH PLAY Guitar Lessons: This Video Will Get You Rocking

You’ll get your groove on with this demo video, which shows you how to play the rocker for “Play Me I’m Yours,” which has all of the chords and structure you need to keep going. The following week, go with MCR’s awesome single “Keep Me Hanging On.”

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