Online Learning What Is It

We’re all for increasing adult education levels, but before we ask new teachers to be the first in their communities to teach online, consider the following questions first. Read on for answers to these open-ended ones, then go back and read up on online education when you find the time.

These days, everybody’s doing online education. Finding quality online courses with compelling delivery methods is no easy task, but a lot of great online courses are out there — but they can’t necessarily be found from individual providers (check out the article on best online courses to find many high-quality ones for free). That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best courses from the best online providers, and because we know you’re probably all about that top-level learning when it comes to something as adulting-challenging as skills building.

Here are our favorite ones that you may have never heard of, but can still help you reach your personal goals.

**Though the courses on this list include videos, these are one-on-one webinars — so if you or anyone else in your life likes to explore a topic or talk to experts in person, this won’t work.

Learn STEM at Esri

Esri is a great company to start your online STEM learning journey with — because they have some of the easiest access to their curriculum. You will get free access to everything if you sign up for a two-year subscription, though they also offer more extensive versions for things like full course bundles — and that is nice!

This interactive course by Esri will teach you how to build a digital home. You’ll learn how to monitor and maintain your digital environment, then use that information to create a web-based roadmap for your digital home. And if that all sounds incredibly exciting, we know you are up for the challenge!


The Montessori method of education focuses on multiple-choice questioning and teaching children basic skills. With this digital app, parents of Montessori-based toddlers can connect with other parents to support their young children through an immersive educational tool that’s fun for all ages.

With every tutorial, you get three free units to use before you’re asked to pay for additional units. Another thing to look out for is that the app is only available in Spanish and English, and the learning timeline varies by language.

Whether you’re looking for a way to reinforce reading skills, a way to help develop handwriting or just more playtime with your child, this app will be a tool you will appreciate.

Learn about urban land and its uses

Learn Urbanism is built around two engaging videos — the first uses the spectrum of data to explain things like the condition of many urban areas, while the second uses the zoom tool to map each area’s problems in more detail.

The interactive video features a variety of topics, including historical data, data about income and housing, data about crime rates, and data about environmental issues. The video is part of a comprehensive network of urbanism materials, which help you sort through information that shows how to use city planning, government, and business to benefit all citizens.

Explore using domestic and international pop culture

You can learn an impressive amount of sex ed and mindfulness when you delve into Alternative Cults that Now Belong to the History

The people behind Alternative Cults may be controversial, but that doesn’t mean their topics are any less complex. A series of videos from the Bleak House team is an intimate look at the history of the concept of alternative cults, a history they conducted by talking to scholars, activists, and science fiction writers.

You may walk away thinking that some ideas about sado-masochism, horniness, and the like can be a little hard to embrace, but they don’t make things any easier, do they? If the essays in the videos are any indication, these people have a strong understanding of the way people construct ideas — that is, how we create negative ideas and use those negative ideas to justify our own power — or, alternatively, how we develop positive ones that promote positive outcomes.

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