Online Learning Is Good For Who

A bunch of your friends go to university and try to have an intellectual life there. For them, however, it’s a lot harder.

Online Learning Is Good For Who

When I was in school I always hounded my teachers for a say-so in class discussions, going so far as to provoke a debate on the topic of my interest, even when I did not even know why I wanted to know.

It was stressful because by bringing in an opinion without a supporting line of reasoning, I feared the teacher would pull me aside to inform me of my errors.

My teachers did, in fact, tell me my shortcomings, but I also remember a few classes that did not place too much emphasis on class discussion, even though the topic of discussion was a serious one.

I ended up finishing all my assignments on my own, by figuring out what I was about to say and writing it down.

Nowadays, I’m fortunate to have a computer at my fingertips, and thanks to the student-based colleges I attend, I’m able to create my own course work.

I’m very proud of my work, because I figured out the material through blogging, before I ever attended a university.

This year, I have been participating in e-learning through the Open University, and I am studying accounting and finance.

As a young person, I did not expect to learn accounting and finance in university, but it has helped me get out of debt, create my own employable skills, and enrich my life.

I also feel empowered by e-learning because I can create my own course and register anywhere, however big the university. I can choose the subjects I choose to study. It would have been really hard to have learned all those subjects in a single semester, and rather than have one exam, I can learn the material within a limited time.

I have seen more confidence develop among people who study on-line.

In middle school, I had some friends who were just like me. We would draw pictures of things we wanted to create and do it. They told me that they learned piano and economics online, and they were excited about it.

Obviously, these are just people’s perceptions, but I can hear them when I speak to people who have never studied anything other than mandatory subjects.

It’s simple: You can start learning on-line anytime.

Instead of going to university, it’s the best way to go, as e-learning allows you to study it in your own time and at your own pace.

By “time” I mean more than an hour or two per day, just for that person’s own personal satisfaction.

I met my career expectations.

As an adult, I’m able to continue my learning in a different way, as opposed to just a single class, due to being able to work online.

Nobody would deny that there are a lot of benefits, particularly financially, for students to go to university.

But what if, instead of spending a year at university, I were able to choose a course that suited me best, with class time similar to my previous years at university, but i was able to learn on-line?

I wouldn’t be racking up debt, but rather I’d be saving money.

The Open University is great because there are no deadlines, so you can always get work done online.

Also, as I have learnt from other forums, the instructors are knowledgeable and they’re more than happy to help you, even in an on-line class.

I have had more freedom with teaching online, and although it would be a lot of work if I did my own teaching, so I could still get a good degree, in the end, I know I will still be happy.

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