Online Learning How To Speak Sicilian School

Remember when you once heard your mother speak to you in fluent English, but now you’ve learned half a dozen languages? Thank your Mom!

If there’s one thing in the world that keeps you up late at night, it’s a vast array of finger-numbing study material. From last week’s columns to the tenth issue of ESWN—I might even pass the last issue on the weekend—searching for something interesting, anything new, and preferably, an esoteric topic.

Which is why I am constantly waking myself up to start my day by practicing the cryptic grammar’s necessary feats with friends. I can go weeks without updating the grammar’s many rules, but anyone who’s hoping to pick up a new knowledge is foolish to not remedy the situation. But like all problems, it can be solved, too.

I’m often asked by my online learning college where I went to school, and if I’m able to answer this question at all, it helps to supply some clues. Now I’m not trying to tell you where I went to school, I’m just listing the various schools I went to while writing on EsWN. I took a class at one campus in South Carolina, and even had a semester that was overseas. Even after years of learning grammar in these various universities, I still need to practice pronunciation and general communication. And speaking of teaching grammar, it’s always helpful to remember that it is a subject that is both time consuming and tedious.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign by online learning company Finer Intuition, English students are about to learn firsthand how to speak Italian, and grammar is the very start of it. You can raise your funds for lessons online, or request to join the school’s outreach program, and I am happy to inform you that I am not part of that outreach program. So sorry if you want to pay directly, and apply to be part of the outreach team, but I think it’s very valuable for you to learn to Italian either directly or via online learning.

What I know about Italian grammar is that there is quite a bit of usage

What you can practice is conversational grammar, where you will learn how to find other users for a phrase or phrase and you’ll even get to practice pronouns, like the extended name of the person who is famous. If you want to continue up the ladder, you’ll learn what is meant by the prefix rispetto and what we would consider other foreign suffixes, like diminutio.

Finer Intuition takes this course far beyond just “acquire vocabulary”. It’s course will include a comprehensive way to learn the basics of Italian grammar, which means you’ll learn the basic vocabulary, the proper usage of idioms and accents, and introduce you to the fundamentals of pronouncing certain vowel sounds.

But you’ll also brush up on your syntax skills, turn in your grammar homework and talk to a mentor. I understand that distance learning platforms can be a hardship for some students, but what better way to learn than to utilize that learning to your advantage? Maybe your homeroom partner or your friend will be the one to introduce you to your curriculum. You never know.

My hope is that we will achieve the goal of helping people learn to speak Italian and to love languages. From memes of virtual worlds to feeds of livestreaming drama over yogurt, these days are big enough for everyone.

Vocabulary is necessary, syntax is important, and having a good vocabulary can help us better understand all the other rules we must learn. One hopes that this kind of learning can eventually become more mainstream, so all kinds of people who wish to learn something need to find just the right platform for their needs.

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