Online Learning How To Speak Chinese

Whether you are a native Chinese speaker or a newcomer to the dialect, Chinese is still a valuable foreign language! Learn and practice how to speak in Chinese.

Chinese is one of the most popular languages in the world with about 700 million regular users on YouTube, Vimeo, Teohru and others. But learning it and the traditional Chinese language are different. The style and cadence of Chinese can be very different in each group and family. Parents prefer the more traditional language with its litany of sentences and correct verb forms. Every parent has a different way of speaking Chinese for their children.

Even with limited knowledge of Chinese, you can create a dynamic new audio archive by pursuing online learning videos. The videos are available for free and work well on mobiles and computers. So how do you learn and master Chinese with native speakers, of both the Chinese and English variety? We’ll share five video courses and learn with our favorite instructions for mastering Chinese.

Beginning Mandarin Chinese with Great Chinese Video Instruction

Beginning Mandarin is one of the best and most popular courses for beginners looking to learn about the language. It is incredibly engaging and covers real-life experiences the internet offers. The instructor offers one-on-one lessons to assist students getting the fundamentals of the language and spread the idea of English speaking to a new international audience. Start with the beginner course and move to advanced course access. The training is filled with over 11 hours of instructional video lectures, highlighting a range of topics including pronunciation, listening patterns, research, vocabulary, slang, one-on-one language coaching and so much more. For beginners the course will enhance your Chinese vocabulary, facial expressions, conversation and more.

Start Learning Chinese With Ranging Levels of Instruction and Intro Topics

A highly helpful and well-organized guidebook gives students invaluable strategies for explaining important concepts. Students complete the basic concept material by choosing and choosing topics and then continuing to expand the practice into other topics, modes of instruction and more. There are chapters on Mandarin translations and understanding, class room topics, vocal techniques, more video instruction, as well as practice exercises and internalised classroom discussions in the light of living and working in China and similar countries. Whether you want to develop pronunciation, listen and learn, and learn to speak Chinese in more abstract ways, China’s Hi-Ten year old main stage culture and China’s tech sector is now where Chinese culture and technology meet and thrive. A great place to start is the Advanced Course with seven hour hour and a chapter each on traditional Chinese learning methods, cultural, language retention and social barriers to learning and copying. Starting off with the beginner course is a wise move and useful for understanding the language and study strategies.

Learn to Speak and Listen to English in Chinese

It’s often necessary to develop foreign language skills in school so students know how to speak the foreign language in the classroom. However, whether it is a multilingual school or if you are speaking Chinese to your children, it’s important to understand how to identify the proper pronunciation of the language to understand the meaning and pronunciation of the language in a real-life scenario. The second edition of Savvy Living’s audio study guide for English in Chinese provides a series of short audio lecture exercises, including simple pronunciation problems and cultural questions, as well as easy pronunciation exercises. This next-generation curriculum covers both the standard audio study guide which covers language and practice and the more advanced training which covers pronunciation, accent, listening and pronunciation, voice development, pronunciation pitfalls and pronunciation practices. After you complete the programme the materials are synced to your smartphone, tablet and PC. We recommend taking a look at the audio recording tools like ProjectBlue’s Dragon Voice, Sir Speckman, iOS Voice Deck or g-Vocal to get real-time results and to experiment with mastering the accent and unique pronunciation of the language.

A Better Way to Learn Chinese

Online learning is a great way to join the community of native Chinese speakers. All of our videos are available for all devices, whether it’s Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Kindle or Raspberry Pi. And for each video class we provide free access to studies and charts, audio files, text and even large files to research and build your learning. Come back and share this course with the world.

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