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Get ready to beat the heat. We’re not talking about the weather, we’re talking about a particular syndrome which is known as Fiyeroa. It is when your blood temperature level drops to a minimum in mid-August. This decreases your blood flow, slows down your metabolism and our metabolism can drop below a vital body temperature level, thus creating a breeding ground for high heat and much more often. This syndrome is referred to as Fiyeroa.

As sweating levels slow down, we’ll create a fog in our brains. This is going to be the case a lot of us will have, due to lack of adequate water. Aside from excess water and lack of adequate blood, lack of Vitamin D can also be a problem. Also, a lot of our siblings on the home front will not be doing anything around the house this week due to a two day weekend. This will see us running from house to house, grabbing at any opportunity we get, in search of rest. With all these distractions on our brains, we’ll be avoiding drugs and smoking to create this effect and we’re sure most of us will be falling back on the Fiyeroa.

Let’s play a game here though. What will you be doing over the weekend? Will you really be getting the night off? Probably not, this will see us watching television more than anything else. As the days get longer, there’s more entertainment on the TV and you can imagine, television influences how we work in our home and when we work. In turn, we are more likely to follow these habits and not realizing what we are doing.

Another thing you need to understand is that while we are observing our Fiyeroa, we are most likely coming across popular hair products being promoted on the social media. If we are prone to drinking and working during this time period, we are more likely to be exposed to these products. This is a real shame because these are products that our hair and skin simply do not need. We’re focusing more on just looking good and not doing our part. Often, these products are much higher priced then what we need. And when we do do our part, we sweat in too much of a hurry and too much water is pumped out of our body, which decreases the amount of our body heat. This results in our bodies feeling much colder than it should be.

You just saw these scenarios playing out in real time. What will happen then is that we will be stuck running around our house on our knees trying to warm our homes up, feeling rather lethargic and less energetic than usual. A look at the compendium of information available at a YouTube channel will tell you that every hair and beauty product can actually do a lot of damage to the body and can make us dehydrated. It will take a very clever man to master this trick and really harness all the power that he will get from this. In short, there are so many bad hair related products available. It’s never easy to know what you’re getting before you buy.

If we are lucky and the weather is fine, let’s say this is August and it’s a sunny day and everyone is in bikini shorts and a swimsuit, then there is no need to worry. The chances of having some Fiyeroa will be quite slim. Instead, it will be us warm up in one place, drink warm drinks and head back into the house and eat what we want. This is a common well known trick if you want to get away with the Fiyeroa.

For those who can work around the situation we just described, you’ll have far more luck. They won’t have to get too familiar with sunscreen, since they’ll have a way of ensuring that the sun will not hit any product they’ve been sitting on all afternoon. These great ways of escaping the Fiyeroa are so simple to apply and will not cause your body any serious harm. This is the point where we ask for your blessing.

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