Online Learning How To Code With Html

Web developer Willie Perkinson guides students to a simple text editor in HTML as well as a few programming concepts that might come in handy in web design.

Fun Fact: Harvard dropout, the Nets star, and the NBA’s All-Star Game leaderboard leader, Brook Lopez, is all a web 2.0 adopter (and our favorite NBA WAG) These Wives and Girlfriends features a hip list of the coolest sports WAGs and Boyfriends.

At a Time Where Students Are So Inventive They’re Making It Possible For Everyone To be A Successful Coders Hack Fablezhch, an online coding course from CoolSchools, is a real doozy. In the first five months since it was released, 60,000 students have participated in CoolSchools’ Html program to create cool uses for computer-generated text. The creator, ten-year-old coding prodigy, Seth Reeves, provides a guided course for schoolkids. It can be done with free pre-selected, pre-built blocks of code; it can be done with different types of algorithms and scripts, it can be done with just an image and it can be used to power interactive maps and interactive 3D simulations. Html has worked its magic on virtually everything imaginable (Powerpuff Girls, Pictionary, The Warriors, Pinterest, iOS, Android, emojis, Bitmoji, Gmail, Snapchat, Apple Maps, Family Time, Skype, GIF searches, verbalized shouts) using just the code to work its magic. So, what is cool about it?

1. It’s Open Source: This is perhaps the most important (and least talked about) thing. When you use this awesome code, it’s free and open source. You might be able to give it to your friend or anyone you trust with not just a technological interest but a knowledgeable one, a Master’s of Engineering or a master of stock-market trading. There are so many ways cool things can be coded that you have a skill you can grow. Or, you can just screw around with it and pick up a few skills (I swear I found Wikipedia Code by playfully printing out hundreds of different Java code snippets online, picking “The World Chess Chess Board” for my blue, hacker shell, and playing with it the next day while waiting for coffee).

2. It’s a Creative Blockbuster: It’s a way to learn useful and important skills with memorable and cool interactive things, like nerd celebrity references, mixes of Internet memes, videos, GIFs, magnets, and objects. Most of all, it’s the ability to make anyone into a “typical day in a coding class.” No one knows their algorithm for Google Translate. No one does the symbol for the evilest woman in the world.

3. It’s a HOPE-Able Platform: Durbin introduces the class and the Html program with a startling video-lesson. Think through what you learned in Durbin’s video, then video your own HIDE-NABLE videos so everyone knows that you completed a HIDE-NABLE video-lesson and will continue to learn how to code in the future. This encourages people to go at it in earnest and make good things out of it.

Get the Situation: Using a JavaScript object, you can embed any type of website into an html page. That site includes a list of media such as images, javascript animations, documents, gallery displays, links, maps, languages, events, bank accounts, event calendars, timers, events, links, documents, event registration processes, buy forms, class schedules, event goals, tables, menus, schedules, documents, table nets, menu etc. Click on “Add” to get more access to functions, or “Reduce” to take the page down. It’s an awesome and amazingly simple way to use any website from a very intuitive way. It’s very easy to navigate the interactive elements. Instructors on the web code — and they are almost all fun, cool, and funny — so it’s always entertaining to learn. (This being the early internet, they’re sometimes hilarious in video form, too. Check out the My Purple Ribbons Magic Queen video guide to get a sense of how many people participate. )

Time to Shoot for the Climb:

At the end of the entire lesson, you must figure out the year of the code (so you can build it into something new), create a dynamic landing page/content-guide for it, email it to yourself, and then post it. Good students also do drop-in classes/courses/how-to-coder reviews/tutorials online, view cool open-source websites of cool things to do (see The Internet of Things Foundation and Mine Defense 5), and engage with educators and experts in the field.

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