Online Learning How Many Classes Ideal

Just 41 percent of college students actually enroll in as many classes as recommended by their degree program.

How many classes should I enroll in as a new college student?

The answer depends on each student’s intended major, aptitude and interests. Here’s what I believe to be an acceptable amount of classes (chosen in order to ensure you choose the right major) for many majors.

French, Spanish, German and Scandinavian Studies: 15-18

In English, for example, 25-35% of classes were meant to help you learn English and can be taken at any time. In sociology classes, 25-35% are meant to help you learn about other cultures and should be taken intermittently. In general, a master’s degree means that you should do about 8-12 classes at college to hone your skills. In part, this depends on your expected time at college and your desire to take classes that will develop your major and get you ready for graduate school.

In anthropology, 23-32% is a fairly high amount of classes. Some students might be better suited for heavier blocks of classes that will be applied in the lab and some will be better suited for more literary classes. Anthropology allows students to take a lot of classes together and build strong relationships with classmates. This type of college experience helps students meet and converse with their instructors while also creating a sense of community among all students. College and anthropology should coexist for the majority of time the students will spend in college.

When it comes to engineering, software development, computer science, or architecture, you’ll want to take 30-37 classes. I recommend about 80-90% of that time to be spent in the classroom. By taking more than a dozen courses, you’ll have a full understanding of your potential field and be able to move forward. By taking these classes at the beginning of your college career, you’ll get a big jump start on selecting your major. You’ll also be able to continue taking classes during the summer and spring to build and refine your skills.

History is often overlooked and misunderstood, in large part because it is one of the oldest and most popular majors. The subject works best in 20-30 classes. In history, you’ll have the opportunity to study history in every major and ethnic group so that you can learn about the lives of the people of the world and the societies they came from. History includes so many ways of learning, but none more important than the opportunity to research and write about the people and events in our history. History allows you to represent the student’s viewpoint.

Why should I take or consider taking online classes?

The ultimate goal for college students is to have a completely unique education. At the same time, students who enroll in online courses can partake in college classes from anywhere in the world. In the overwhelming majority of online classes, students are not in the classroom, except during the class review and breakout sessions. There are no locked doors, glass walls or metal detectors. At the same time, online classes take more time to complete, but by taking more classes at the beginning of your college career, you can build a foundation for your career and your life. Of course, you should consider what quality and speed of course completion is best for you and your academic goals.

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