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By Willie Perkinson, Online Learning Consortium How To Change My Password How long have you been doing this? I hadn’t been doing it very long because my colleagues and I at the Online Learning Consortium have developed an easy, universal password recommendation that is suitable for all students at all institutions of higher education.

You have a high-level computer security password, perfect for logging into your computer and other online accounts. Sometimes, though, we use our passwords for multiple websites, and it can become very difficult to remember them all.

So, what do you do? You could use a handy digital organizer to help manage your passwords and make them more user-friendly. Or you could use a password manager that stores your passwords locally on your computer or phone.

Signing up to use one of these services is often as easy as a few clicks on a website. Both will add a little to your online security.

Password Boss 6

Free, lets you manage any password stored in your various online accounts for you and your family. This tool can also help you identify unauthorized logins. Its various features are as follows:

The application remembers important security information for you.

It keeps track of key words in your passwords, making it harder for others to guess.

While it does not include the ability to encrypt all your passwords, it is pretty comprehensive.

The company won’t email you to remind you to change your password. It will just remind you when it is your next password update time.

This is the only password manager with a built-in email notification system.

With Password Manager, you are prompted when you have time for a password change. It’s easy to manage, simple to edit, and useful for many purposes.


Password Manager is available in two versions. The free version allows you to have unlimited password changes. The Pro version, for $4.99 a month, allows you to keep your password information private. You will be able to retain access to your user data when you upgrade, and both Pro and free users can sync across PCs, Macs, and iOS devices.

Screenshot: Password Manager

Another option that provides some more options for those of us who may be reluctant to spend big on a product is LastPass. It provides a password manager for free. The Pro version provides access to an app that lives on your phone, which is similar to the services already mentioned. It also has a few useful features, like locking your PIN or pattern when you access the app.

Screenshot: LastPass

LastPass also has added a feature to help you create more secure passwords. You can enter a number when you type in a password, which the app will decrypt automatically. This makes it less likely for hackers to break into your account.

Screenshot: LastPass

LastPass has a tool that can store your passwords on your computer and phone for you. This feature also makes it easy to manage your passwords on multiple devices at the same time. If you have a lot of different passwords to remember, this app could prove useful.

Screenshot: LastPass

CodeZap Password manager offers two options: Dash and Dash Ball. The Dash is a password manager for your computer and Mac, the Dash Ball is a program that lives on your phone.

The iPhone Dash is much like that of LastPass, however there is no app on the desktop, which could be very helpful if you want to manually manage passwords on multiple devices.

The Dash is a simple app that can take care of your passwords for you. It provides you with options for entering passwords, secure third-party password managers for your email, password reminders, and more.

There are other apps that provide similar features. The winner of a silver award from, Brexif Password Keeper, is a fantastic product that provides 1Password-like functionality, for a couple dollars more. The company has been making great progress since it was founded three years ago.

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