Online Course For Learning How To Start A Business

Understanding how to take your idea from the desire to create to the money making machine may take some work.

The economy moves on changes and good people are always ready to take advantage of those opportunities. Entrepreneurship is no different. Whether you are looking to start an upstart business in the convenience industry, in manufacturing, or simply need to up your game, there are countless courses and new offerings on the internet that can help you do that. We have covered a number of online classes of varying quality, but we have not had much focus on offerings designed specifically for those looking to sell goods and services. One such offering is’s course, ‘Start With One Product or Service’ which is designed to get you thinking and planning now.

If you have been burned by learning and getting your idea off the ground, you are probably not going to find much in the way of tips or advice. That is a good thing though, because that is what makes this course special. Here is a high level of exploration into the 10 core ideas that can lead to big successes. Really fast forward a year from now and you will have yourself a budding business.

1. Why sell anything when you can sell something used?

Not only is this theme a stand-out in these simple concepts, it is something you hear regularly. Online learning does not suffer when its applied to business courses. Unless your product is not free, you will not have a problem getting your customers to buy.

2. Quality marketing starts with PR and word of mouth.

The key with PR is it reaches a broad network of people for each brand. The world of social media is much more about spreading word of mouth rather than the official media outlets. A basic landing page should cover both of these tactics. Word of mouth is the go-to tactic in nearly every form of marketing. Check out our recent coverage of a new study from Prosperous Business that is worth a look.

3. Your marketing is not entirely dependent on the other people that help you make your product or service.

You can be competitive and have your own customers as well as your loyal customers. It is possible, in fact it is expected. Remember though, you cannot manufacture one billion customers through sales. Marketing is an art form and you cannot control everything. You can have all the perfect product and services, but you will lose no matter what. A win is a win. A loss is a loss.

4. All of your customers are stakeholders.

There is no way around this when it comes to business. But to truly know what works best for you, you must know what works best for others as well. Your customers are not just your personal customers, they are your stakeholders that will help keep your business afloat. Know what that looks like in terms of market and you can craft a winning strategy.

5. Giving but getting something back is the right action.

Giving is the right action for any business. You have to be clear on what your value to your customer is and plan accordingly. You need to understand the culture of your clients and their different paths to purchase.

6. How much you are going to earn from one person, per year is completely irrelevant.

Given that there are many ways to make money in the world, knowing how many dollars you can make from a piece of work can be missed. Granted, some formulas work better for sales than others. For example, a car is an ideal investment. But there are other facets of manufacturing that may garner more than what might be found in purchasing or selling a car.

7. Don’t chase the easy money.

There are some opportunities for individuals that can get creative and have their product or service in the public eye. Though those opportunities can be lucrative, they can come with very little risk. Owning a restaurant that does a great job makes sense if it is your goal to sleep well at night.

8. As an entrepreneur, you must be your own most important customer.

You do not get what you deserve because other people give you what you want. Your market knowledge, your marketing acumen, and the market tactics that you execute that will speak to others are things that not only get you ahead, but they give you the opportunity to rise above everyone else as well.

9. Sales is much more than selling a product.

Sales is about selling the option and the ability to make sales. From your online courses, you can easily get a sense of how individual product and service options can perform with individual audiences. Look back at your personal experience with business for insight.

10. A huge business opportunity is to build products that solve a huge problem.

Remember, money is not just about investing money in real estate. Investing in the right people at the right time can equal the opportunity of the lifetime. You need to think about your audience as part of a team.

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