Online Classes On Learning How To Draw

See how these two college students are learning on the road.

Online Classes On Learning How To Draw

Expanding beyond fancy video-game designs or competing within showrooms, some of the largest online-learning platforms are offering offerings that allow you to learn through short teaching sessions from real instructors.

One such program is a non-credit course from Texas A&M University and is known as the College of Creativity. It is comprised of 16 assignments spanning a few weeks. The basis for the course is assisting high school students in drawing their ideal careers path while you do it. You then receive a certificate upon completion of the project.

This sort of course makes sense in the midst of a growing revolution in online learning. You see, as we learn through technology, we are taking everything we are used to and adapting it for an online medium. What was meant to be a person that creates beautiful art is being turned into an automated system that could communicate with algorithms in a variety of ways. This is a real opportunity and as the technologies evolve, we will see more and more interesting things and interesting ways to learn.

One example of this is the desire to transform digital learning into something as easy as riding a bike. The idea is to become aware of how you interact with your body through various apps such as Fitbit and Liftopia to access your activity and heart rate. The goal is to adapt these attributes for physical knowledge. If you used to ride a bike and have ideas on how to improve on it, there is a chance you could have them down today through an online course.

Digital learning has become a big part of K-12 education as we all take to tablets and smartphones for our learning today. The disconnect, however, between this current generation that has access to so much information at our fingertips and the teachers that teach today doesn’t quite make sense. Knowing as little as possible is not something we are ever asked to do in life. By learning the trade of physical craft and then assimilating this knowledge into the algorithmized systems of text and codes we know today, we may be able to offer creativity along with profit to the younger generation.

This course from Texas A&M offers an ideal opportunity for that same generation. In order to achieve this goal, students will be asked to think about and find job opportunities in psychology and then apply what they have learned to the real world. The time period for the course is from October 11th, 2018 to the 11th of March 2019.

Another opportunity for online learning is MasterClass videos. These are like courses on physical learning, but can consist of anything from selfies to a career and how to do it. MasterClass will be the first subscription-based video on video educational platform that blends online educational content into a personal learning experience. The talent to educate is available across all age groups, including a whole swathe of the world’s most compelling thinkers, producers, and artists.

Each individual will be able to view courses in the future that are just as specific as those of MasterClass, and ideally they will be a dream come true of anyone that would like to learn.

One would imagine that one day we will have our own version of a modern drawing room with rooms for our courses and a set of coffee tables and lounges for those that want to kick back and create. This could be something like a knitting studio or create a compound that would mimic a senior house.

Will this be here before the end of our lifetimes? Only time will tell, but the possibilities for education abound.

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