Online Blackboard Is What Type Of Learning

This year on Weekend DIY, Maryanne Roller shares her secret to online, open-classroom Blackboard.

“Online Blackboard?” I heard my parents, exasperated by my whiny question, when I was in a half-century flashback to the late ’70s.

“Really? No. It will be even better than the old walled garden. You can click and browse!”

I remembered another television commercial from around that time:

Singer Julia Child, trademark black hat in hand, made it cool to travel with a bag full of lipsticks to wash up on vacation, something that wasn’t possible back then. I thought it was a charming commercial, but I also recall that it also bothered me. Here was a woman radiating with beauty, and she was, you see, cooking! In fact, she really did it all. She set the trend. A new dream girl.

But even Julia Child, given the chance, would probably scoff at the idea of eating plastic-laden corn flakes while in a folding chair and placing the glass jar of rainbow-hued berries on her lap.

Or so I thought. That is, until I read an essay in which the author offered a most unpalatable alternative. And when I finished reading it, I was, I will say, undaunted.

Surrounding ourselves with the best possible information and the best possible sources of input can go a long way toward making us better people. And for the able and determined, it may also make us better learners.

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