Life Of Someone Who Had To Online Learning Due To Illness Or Injury

A mentally ill woman who blogs about her life due to a number of physical or mental health issues provides a unique perspective for the everyday woman.

Life Of Someone Who Had To Online Learning Due To Illness Or Injury

Facebook likes are proliferating due to the serendipitous occurrences of unexpected joys and the authentic and meaningful interactions that occur as a result.

Turns out that was my dentist…

Now this was my nurse – the one who gave me the cavity fillings, in fact…

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Aged 19, Richard entered secondary school with an ambition to become a doctor. Aged twenty-three, he arrived in training school as a pre-med student, and developed a keen interest in the field of rehabilitation.

After completing his Diploma in Disability Studies at Maudsley Hospital, he went to work as a physiotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital, where he first met his wife-to-be Jane.

Richard will today be celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary to Jane. Now 36, he is now about to embark on a career in physiotherapy – a specialty that he is passionate about and keen to embrace, making his work feel more personal.

Richard says: “I am very driven – I like getting on with it. And I think in terms of facilitation, and bridging people’s mind-sets and boundaries. When I first got into it, people would ask me: ‘Richard how can you work with people who have severe disabilities?’

“It made me realise that everybody has something different and different problems and there is a whole lot of knowledge and goodness and it is all there. If you want to be a good doctor or a good psychotherapist, you’ve got to be willing to search for it and it will come to you.

“So, I like being in the path of people who need help or are experiencing difficulty, or are having a rough time in life – whether they be kids or elderly people or people with a disability or mental health issues – because that’s where the magic happens. People don’t just walk through the door and then they’re just comfortable.

“Part of what a psychologist has to do is to work on setting up a process to say ‘we’re trying to help you – you know, understand this’. As you’re helping, you’re listening, too.”

Richard looks forward to the day when he can give a client a meaningful experience – even if it’s a brief respite from their day’s work, or a case study that would be of use to a wide audience. He enjoys the opportunity to draw on his own experiences to deliver that final touch.

He says: “So we’re focused on finding that harmony between you, a client, and the environment in which they are working. So you’re talking to people who are in a holistic way. The days of ‘I’m a doctor, you’re a patient’ no longer exist. So we’re asking ‘how can we actually create environments that are accessible and that are able to provide sensory experiences that are about connection?’ That’s what we’re saying.

“A client is going to be working with you; they’re going to tell you a story. And you’re going to listen to their story and develop a case study together. You’re doing the job that we call counselling: the healing side of counselling, which is what physiotherapy does.”

When Richard and Jane tied the knot at Marsden Hall in Edgware, he told his new wife that his priority was to start his career.

Now he has just completed his national Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies, he is waiting for his initial working permit to be issued, and is working in a local ward in the local community – he already feels that he has a great passion and understanding of people with disabilities.

“You know, I don’t really like working in front of a computer screen; I prefer to work with people in real life. What I love about the workforce is that everyone is young, they’re fit, they’re not drinking, there’s no stress, everything’s organised.

“So the working environment really gives people the opportunity to be themselves in a real, vulnerable setting, without the pressures that is associated with the workforce.”

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