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Diversity Month concluded with book launch of ‘Maine Borders’. In the introduction, Christie shared personal stories about her different muslim and indigenous people, faith communities and philosophies.

The holy book for Muslims is the Quran. And if you were given the opportunity, would you pick the Quran? Even the clerics that study it live vicariously through you, they want to know what you’re doing.

During the first five years of my life, I remember never having heard a Quranic recitation. But for some inexplicable reason, I just wanted to speak and be heard. It was always a pastime that I could try out. At home, what I would tell is how I feel the words matter the most. The Quranic is one of those prayers that exist without explanation – it’s a language that exists between God and you.

But with knowledge comes all kinds of needs. Even just reading a small part of the Quran, you can also become conscious of language, understanding, your use of words, and the meaning of certain words.

This is where learning the Quran comes in handy. You get to know the words, in which direction they flow in the Quran and your command of them. Also to know where to turn your mind, your thoughts are making you lose focus on God. Knowledge also shows when the Quran was told and how and why and why God changed it. But in addition to that, your faith are cherished, your thoughts and the ways you express your convictions. With the right prayers you can learn the pathways to God and also the themes that are central to the Quran.

The Lyrics of the Quranic and Surahs Are on the Quran Study App

First of all the Quranic was written from ages ago and it has been changing over centuries. So its old sonnets, poems, and stories have to be studied afresh every time. There are no translations of the Quran’s origins or contents. So you can study it for free. And why not? The content is still relevant and the passages are able to bring in contemporary issues. The learning has to be as regular as learning your arithmetic worksheet. Every three days, every three weeks, in those three weeks, learn one story with new verses. By knowing the Story, you will get to know the Surahs. Now to understand the story, one must know the title of the story and its title meaning, the beginning, the middle, the end, meaning.

Are You Born to Read the Quran? I think so. It just grows on you. When I was a student in his seminary, the prayer that was taken for recitation was the word ‘Aware’. I would be taught a script of that and the prayer. I then learnt the prayer and then was directed to say. I realised how different the experience was. So now that I have learned the word Aware, the prayer sequence has become much different from other prayers. If you learn how to do the Surahs, you can learn the easy passages as you can study the Afora as you try to get the meaning. In addition, you can find more quality chapters, too.

Carefully Choose the Quran Study App.

You should have a reason why you are studying the Quran. Do it because you are driven to know what you are teaching by the Quran’s words.

In order to make sure you are exposed to the correct material, you should choose the Quran Study App because it is an Islamic App that focuses on the research/ learning aspects of the Quran. It is free to download, so you can try it out for free. But you also need to get the free Koran HiLite (for Android or iPhone) so that you can utilize the text and share it with the world.

Since the free Quran Study App has been working for thousands of people and it is also the best and most widely used app in the world, I suggest you try it!

Above all, it is about appreciating the beauty of the Quran and remembering it when you need it. This is how it saves you from being judged by a wrong approach in that sense. And by remembering the gifts Allah has given us, you don’t have to feel inferior to people who have knowledge of another holy book.

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