Learning How To Write Words Games Online

By Christine Hollen

Writers may not be the most known breed of artist, but they have a valuable skill: their ability to write. Although they aren’t widely admired, we writers do play a vital role in our society. We create, criticize, and measure ourselves against these ideals of ideal. Writing is a fantastic form of communication, one that utilizes both the mind and body and is able to convey difficult thoughts with ease. Although language itself isn’t thought of as creative, there is such a thing as a creative word game.

“It used to be just one word you taught to yourself,” says Roger J. Goldman, director of creative writing at Bard College. “There is now a lot of context around the words and you can play with them and return to the same ones over and over again.”

Cooperative game play for meaning creation

By itself, to play a word game doesn’t seem like much of a creative act, but by a pair of your fellow players joining in, you’re breaking down sentences or dialogs. Don’t think that you need to have a deep understanding of each word to play the game; writing is such a fluid thing and has a lot of possibilities. There are words that can express abstract ideas and others that can create a visceral reaction from the participant, but even words that have almost nothing to do with meaning can provide a satisfying result. This is where you can really use words to interpret or communicate something. With that in mind, I will teach you how to play the competitive word game to know what words you should use and how to integrate them into the game.

Finding the right words

First, think about what you want to say. If you’re sitting in a room making an argument, you want to select words that will either defend or discredit your argument. Words like “reason” and “respect” are words for the defending party, and “penalty” is more likely to come in handy in a penalty box situation.

This idea of numbers in the sentence isn’t something you want to use unless you really want to know the extent of the number on the board. At the same time, you’ll want to use some common words that seem appropriate for the context. “Hands” are good words for holding hands in a sweet embrace, “head” if you’re thinking of something serious or “business” if you want to talk about your work. In the last seconds, you might want to repeat a phrase: “I would ask, but I think it is redundant.”

Even just learning those two words would get you a few words for the winning team.

It’s a game of strategy

The word game is often played by just two people. If the game is going badly for your team, it will be vital to find the best words to keep them on track. It’s important to remember the word game is an opportunity to be creative, not a chance to memorize the words and recite them, but you need to think of this as an opportunity to take the lead in the game, and the words need to be the right ones.

You can also use whatever number you need to help you predict where the winning team might go. If the contestant runs out of words, just let them write down the winning numbers. If the game is against you, then it will be beneficial to choose to not save numbers from the words they have written but, rather, to write them on the board.

Chances are your team may either win or lose, and you can always participate in a second chance game later. Whatever you do, don’t be overly concerned with the outcome of the game, which is whether or not you won. It’s more important to work on one word at a time.

Learning words games online

I would recommend checking out this website for free games. Although a game may be free, you’ll need a username and password to play. It’s an easy way to try new words and have fun together.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments and ideas about online games in the section below.

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