Learning How To Write School For Free Online

Author Zachary Gordon took some time to share how educators can utilize the free online courses that have become so popular recently.

It’s no secret that higher education is expensive. An undergraduate degree from a top university in the U.S. costs an average of $44,893 per year. That means a student will have to work 40 hours per week for a year just to take care of basic necessities, like rent and groceries. Students in this situation are often underemployed and burdened with college debt after graduation.

One company is trying to change this. SchoolFree.com offers college textbooks, office equipment, and even personal training at a discounted rate. It offers its students, current and future, enough resources to attend a top-tier university without having to forgo all the necessities their education should provide. What makes this difference is the fact that SchoolFree.com’s services are free.

Throughout the year, SchoolFree.com hosts several editorial features and campaigns around different topics. In many of these stories, the company advocates for free education and urges its audience to make conscious financial choices.

In one of its most recent stories, SchoolFree.com made a request. An anonymous person asked the company to promote a bake sale where those who donated to the cause would receive free books. In a nutshell, the person wanted free school books delivered to his door at a monthly rate he could pick from. To his surprise, SchoolFree.com immediately stepped up to the plate.

Other times, the company digs a little deeper. For instance, SchoolFree.com once conducted a survey regarding millennials’ attitudes on higher education. The vast majority of the millennial survey respondents felt that attending college is a worthwhile investment. There is, however, some concern that rising costs aren’t always prudent, because higher education is expensive. The survey provided the company with insights into millennials’ educational behaviors.

Students who have completed a degree have gotten great results in the workplace, but they said that those same factors they considered crucial factors when they went to college, have changed. For example, 64 percent of those surveyed went into the workforce only because they had the money to finance college. For 39 percent of students, the real reason they went to college was to find the perfect partner to get married and start a family. For 36 percent of students, going to college was actually a career decision.

What’s interesting about this information is that research shows most millennials did not have a plan for their future before they went to college. Some even got into college based on extracurricular activities or their social circle. As such, millions of millennials just want to have a perfect life and are willing to consider any means necessary to make that happen.

Now that the price of education has increased sharply in recent years, a great deal of attention has been paid to the issue of affordability. SchoolFree.com wants to help students save money and grow their budgets by providing them with several different learning resources. A lot of that is free.

In addition to a first-class education, students can access SchoolFree.com’s personal training services and a host of courses that are taught as online videos. For some coursework, the company offers classes from a select few of its well-known brands. The company works with many reputable education providers, and while many of these courses are not open to the public, there are also many free alternatives to those that are. The key, though, is that the costs for both the courses and the videos are low enough to easily go toward a student’s costs without making a financial sacrifice.

The company also provides hundreds of online textbooks that run the gamut from college history courses to kid’s math and English classes. Instruction is one of the cheapest parts of school. For instance, in a time when students must worry about costs they may face when pursuing a degree, an online textbook is one of the best things they can do to save money.

For students without much financial means, SchoolFree.com offers courses that meet most of their educational needs for free. The company offers training, the ability to write a proposal, homework assistance, and job search assistance in addition to the requisite textbook.

Free is undeniably a powerful word in the world of education. For those in desperate need of a higher education, a website like SchoolFree.com provides a key resource. For students who want a piece of the college education action without the burden of the financial burden, the company’s content gives them a leg up. Not to mention, SchoolFree.com will give its users additional resources without having to have to go to a store or borrow money from a friend.

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