Learning How To Use A Cash Register Online

From a basic check register to Amazon Prime or an iPad app, there are many ways to book reservations. Here’s how to tell which will be most efficient for your business and which one will cost the most.


Have you ever seen one of those hip stores on the periphery of the city? It usually has a cute logo, a stylish storefront, and nice display goods. They even have the service of a cash register with all its gadgets and bells and whistles. The person at the register is likely to be a young, hipster barista, or “third generation coffee freak” as has been advertised in various techy magazines.

Though it would seem fun to become part of this elite coffee phenomenon, it would be misguided to confuse the seemingly cool set with the exact type of person who buys coffees.

There’s a reason why the majority of people who read these type of magazines are so young and hip: most of them are millennials and Gen-X.

Millennials are very interested in social media, and shop mostly online. I mean, if you go to their schools, they’re required to shop online at some point during the school year. Gen-Xers are about to become the largest generation in history. They can’t be just hanging around cafes all day and maybe Instagramming. They need something to make their lives better: the ultimate entrepreneurial lifestyle of running an online store. Their first port of call? The first real time cash register. These stores then become the start of a future career for a Gen-Xer who also happens to be interested in other (hidden) businesses like lattes.

Think about it for a moment: Is shopping online as much fun as seeing what hip people are selling? Everything is seen as glamorized, so anyone can use it to their advantage. Is anything in life more glamorous than going to a hip boutique and seeing that cute chick in a hoodie with a cute coffee cup filled with foam butter ice cream drizzled on her left side? The paparazzi might have a harder time catching these types of people looking chic on the streets. Instead of trying to woo someone through product placement, the bright young Starbucks employee can charm her right off the street by providing a Starbucks barista look.

Studies have shown that millennials prefer buying their products in the first few seconds of the buying experience, rather than after they finish reading the product description. So the best way to win the customer’s final decision in the hand is to attract them in the beginning, not at the end. To use this research, here’s how to lure people who shop in your storefronts:

Make use of customer’s signs and samples

There are two types of sign screens in the millennial world: “selfie on the counter” and “selfie with a friend.” Don’t just let them sit there eating whatever you’re selling. Use customer’s signatures to sell products. You might even pick up a beer or a coffee in-between replying to those hundred-some customer messages that are flooding your social media accounts.

Make use of your own staff

Greater democratization of knowledge means there are more and more people interested in learning how to be great entrepreneurs. There’s even a website that allows you to teach others how to buy, sell, and run their own small businesses. These projects don’t necessarily need expensive, for-profit real estate and not all their projects require people to take their coding, fashion, or design skills to the next level in order to increase revenue or level them up. For example, the one I help created a video-based storybook and storyteller that provided interactive experiences that children don’t get while on TV. These things are just as slick as what A&E does in their original show Shuga, but for an unheard of price. You also have the advantage of practicing in an environment that will most likely allow you to observe, meet new people, and make friends.

In conclusion, when purchasing goods from people, even if they don’t actually sell these goods to you themselves, the personality of these vendors and associates will subconsciously affect how you experience the product.

Research has also shown that the more the public sees a product in action, the more they are likely to want to purchase that product. So don’t worry about what it looks like. Grab yourself a latte and check it out!

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