Learning How To Type Online For Little Kids

Giving your children the power to type — and be awesome at it — can be a challenge even for a seasoned adult. The process is as involved as anything you’ve encountered in your real life.

Learning How To Type Online For Little Kids

How to teach your children how to type online How to teach your children how to type online with this easy technique, helpful web tutorials and templates. 1 / 5

In preparation for School Year 2018-2019, my little kids have been building muscle strength in their thumbs by practicing with a ball. Little do they know that this will also help them to learn how to type better.

Get a Waking Up Stick Kids love to wake up and practice something new! Picking up a Waking Up Stick, described by Kotaku as: a sort of foam rubber ball that fits over a pencil or a phone, is a great way to practice something. -Practice putting the ball anywhere and everywhere you want it to be. Make it something easy to reach but safe so your kid can practice a new skill at almost any age!

I use a Waking Up Stick for all of my typing. I have made them here at home and of course at Target. I have dropped them in various locations so that they are all littered around the kitchen and living room, out on the floor and right above the coffee table. This helps to show kids what motion is involved with a writing machine. All they need to do is bring the Waking Up Stick to the tip of their thumb, put their fingers together, and move their thumb down the line. If they are having trouble following along, start small. Maybe extend your finger another 10 inches in front of you and then with one more hand reach out and hand it down the line.

When their fingers are already spread across the stick, then they can really start moving and I need to put some pressure on my fingers to feel them from the tip to the end. This is when it is important to have a pencil nearby because then kids can check their fingers!

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My kids will use the ball most for practice but in order to show them that the ball does not hurt their finger they will also use it to practice right up to the tip. Then they can practice even farther down, let them touch, and then touch again. When kids are comfortable and feel comfortable using the ball for writing practice, then it’s time to begin working on a computer.

It’s the rare parent that does not talk to their children about the Internet and computers in general. From computer safety (child locks, child passwords, teaching a child about the consequences of sharing information and creating rumors) to basic information about downloading software, the Internet is something that many parents talk to their children about.

Many people think that the use of the Internet is a positive thing, that it promotes engagement and education, and that using the Internet is beneficial in some way. However, I believe that many parents have an exaggerated fear of the Internet. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I think that parents fear that their kids will become a teacher and that their children will learn to code while going through school.

Both my kids are learning to write in the morning with the Waking Up Stick, but they also go online in the afternoon.

Over the years, we’ve gone through several editing tools for our children, and we try to keep it simple and comfortable. When I use Paper, it’s a comfortable, easy tool. There is always a pencil and paper available for kids to use to keep learning. We are using Tic Tac Toe. They play with any character you put them with and can attempt other tasks.

I hate it when my kids say that they want me to not tell them about the Internet or learning about computers. Their problem is that they have not found a toy or toy set that they can use with them to practice even more. Whenever a retailer comes up with a toy that targets children that likes to use the Internet, my kids protest! They cannot understand why someone would want to teach them how to type as a hobby when there are so many other hobbies they could be playing with.

I wish there was a way that we could teach our kids that they do not have to be ashamed to use the Internet. There are so many ways to learn and there are so many easy toys to use that use the Internet. Most importantly, how can we make our kids feel safe when they use the Internet? But I guess learning how to type with the Waking Up Stick isn’t the answer for many parents.

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