Learning How To Type Online For Kids

We don’t have to go to RTCA to teach our kids how to type, but it’s still a good way to stay on top of your child’s education.

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Super fun! Spending time away from your family relaxing in beautiful sunsets, pre-gaming the weekend, and seeing “Austin & Ally” reruns is well, about as ideal as it gets in the world of being a mom. Not to worry, I found a way to have the best of both worlds. By using Urban Bricks, I am able to get “me” time away from my precious kids, and to continue my education with new online resources and skills. The past year has been a bit of a blur, both in the work world as well as my home life. Knowing I needed to learn the basics of typing, I decided to go all-in and pick the brains of some dear friends who run an online relationship counseling program (and who were also interested in helping me find new ways to help them out!).

Him: How did you learn to type?

Me: That’s a good question! [Laughs] Well, I am an average to above average mom. But thanks to Urban Bricks, I can thank each and every one of those weenie M.D.s and their teaching team for not being too mean about my “parenting skills.” My two kids (2 and 4 years old) are my #1 priority, and I won’t apologize for that. Teaching me to type is a small sacrifice on my part, and I have only had to do it once, once, once, and once β€” so basically, they are teaching me to take that break in my busy day.

Him: Since I am a parent, what do you think is the biggest difference between my kids’ experience in front of a screen and their mom’s?

Me: Well, they are not actually watching any screen time, so in my head it is simply not a difference. However, if you ever get a chance to sit with one of my younger kids, take a peek at the screen content they are viewing and you will see they do indeed spend some time with screens during the day.

Him: And since that is a common occurrence, do you think it changes my kids’ experience when they’re watching TV?

Me: That’s a good question, too. Sure, my kids are exposed to TV, video games, screens, blogs, and photos on an hourly basis, but I have never had to try to control their screen time because I did not learn how to type until later in life.

Him: Can you tell me about some of the skills and resources you have learned?

Me: Great question! I’ve learned how to make comments, answer common questions, perform basic search, and navigate to different videos. I have also learned some basic keyboarding and keyboarding patterns, how to reduce key strokes and save typing time, and there is even a ‘LMS [Long Distance Surface Method] course,’ the equivalent of class VHS.

Him: What’s in your next level of learning that you think is going to be helpful for you and your kids?

Me: I am totally intrigued by the longer feature articles, which I have been reading so far. I am also really interested in the eBook offers because I would like to learn those basic keyboarding and keyboarding patterns I mention above. If you have an offline learning skill that I can get to in a short period of time, I would love to hear about it!

Shifting to my second bedroom (OOM!), I’m contemplating whether to do a little more parenting yoga. I am also thinking about some level of GPS and trail running!

About the Author: Maryanne can help

Ok, so I’m a tad… err… er… I mean a tad tired. But that’s really okay because we’re definitely putting in the hours when it comes to parenting. We’re building our resumes and writing our book (which will be a really good way to connect with other women) β€” and if that’s not enough, we are constantly studying and maintaining our health and wellness. I am extremely busy and run a full-time clinical practice, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a great sleep (trust me, I do!).

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