Learning How To Type Online For Free

As we move away from paper textbooks toward digital versions, what do you do if you’re poor? You probably don’t.

Learning How To Type Online For Free

“Typing” means writing words or symbols for someone else. Perhaps there’s someone you’re trying to call, for example. Using typing as a sentence replacement could be a surefire way to save your sanity when you’re stuck in a conversation you feel must end. Typing words or symbols on a keyboard is something that most of us have experienced, but many of us don’t get as much practice with using it on the internet. According to Wired.com, typing is one of the most popular online behaviors. The article mentions that browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all contain dedicated character-input tools. The tools are helpful when typing words or dragging and dropping the cursor into a new place, but this doesn’t mean we should necessarily just drop our keyboard to write.

If you’re used to entering passwords on your computer, then having to type in links on your phone just isn’t something you’re used to. So, what is it about typing for someone else that makes typing is so essential? Wired.com uses Morse code, which is the practice of actually typing words that correspond to the numbers and letters of the alphabet. It is described as “one-way communication, so it always connects with the recipient, and each letter has an equal chance of meaning anything (or nothing).” As the article points out, typing is probably one of the simplest online ways to share information because you don’t have to write the exact meaning of whatever you’re referring to and it requires no explanation. However, typing will actually add effort, especially if you have limited keyboard space, but it may not be something you’re used to doing. So, is it any easier than typing a message in your pocket messenger bag every time you have to get out of the house? The answer is yes! The saying is “every body does it,” but it’s actually not entirely true. My point? While it may not be a cliché, it is a true thing that everyone in some way or another uses keyboard and/or the Internet as a method of communicating.

Let’s take a look at how some of us can use typing in other ways.

Browsing the internet in-browser

1. Using the “in-browser” function to save you from having to remember passwords is one great way to use a keyboard. You may be writing out long strings of letters to say something, but it’s a very bad idea to do that while you are in an open space on the internet. Instead, type out the letter “e” and save it as an “e” symbol.

2. Most browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, will let you save shortcuts to important websites that you visit frequently.

3. If you’re spending time and having to type links that have websites attached to them, you could always use the “back” button to open up the webpage and enter it back into your browser, just in case you forgot to get it to save there.

Completing forms

1. Getting a form filled out online has already used a lot of the time you have, so it is nice to know that you can simply type a word or number to enter the answer you want.

2. Instead of drafting a whole question, just type out a single word that you want to answer. The typical response is, “Now, let’s answer the following: *$&%!&%&#.”

3. As fun as it is to pull out your phone to type in a few words as a sentence replacement, it may be best not to do that if you are just typing out random things that you see.

The above are examples of the many ways that typing can help you. This is a trick that I personally took a liking to a while ago after I realized I was spending way too much time inputting information into forms and then not completing my answers. Not only is it better for getting out of the house, but it can also be used to help us achieve the simplest of everyday tasks. Therefore, if you find that you’re typing as often as you could be typing, then you may have been doing it too long. Write it out and learn how to use keyboarding as a sentence replacement for your everyday purposes. You’ll thank yourself.

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