Learning How To Type Online For Free

On a coding related site, I found a very useful tool which taught me how to use for free. I typed in some key words and got answers back, and at the end, I tested my knowledge.

Learning How To Type Online For Free

As this article goes to press, 2018 is the most productive time of year for me as I begin to focus on my personal typing resume. It’s no secret that I am at an age where I already have a laptop that is more than passable for typing purposes. I could pick up a keyboard and use it for this work, but instead I’m learning to write and apply for jobs online with the help of a free app.

New Reading

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the internet in general. I probably know more people that go online than I know real friends. I love going to the library to use the computer and the internet (3.5 hours per day, after 6 years). Not only do I have access to the internet, but I’m one of those rare people that can type.

One of the places I like to go is to read. When I have time to be productive, this is one of the places I like to do that. I usually check Facebook, or Google, or browse my social media. My computer has a nice monitor. I tend to read on the book-based homepage in order to get things out on my laptop. I have a social media and email application installed.


The first 15 minutes of using the new app was quite a challenge. I don’t like using this tool by myself. It can be overwhelming. I need help getting started with other users. However, what was very apparent, is that I could type. It also showed me the composition menu from the word balloons. This made it easy to adjust the font, and layout and stuff.

The second 15 minutes went by more quickly. I am starting to pick up the subtle movements. I picked up additional words and attributes. The application is not making me write long articles or posts. I also have users who are giving me the exact spelling to help me with my prose. I am also used to having a vertical field. However, I do notice that I use the new font differently. For one, I use it to highlight details. When I use the app to zoom, I made the field less vertical. The new font colors and font size makes it easier to read. I do like this app!

Is There A Ballpark Figure?

I have never typed more than ten words a minute, and I’m trying to do much more than that with this app. I can begin to type sentences on the app. That includes typed text. I have had the app for about a week. I do appreciate and want to bring attention to this app so that it becomes one of the top keywords.

One question in mind: Do they make numbers? Are there tools to do this exact calculation? There are a number of things I can do, but I need a couple of pages. A friend sent me an article on 2 minutes to spell a word. I will continue to work on this task. After I have completed it, I can certainly see how many words I have written, and how fast I can do it.

Is There A Way To Show?

There are several tools for how to use the “More Tools” menu, which is helpful. There are tools for different field, and tools for more advanced features.

I have found that, although I have learned how to make grammatical, and stylistic mistakes, I am able to correct them. There are “hints” of such errors. My friend told me to “take your time.” My handwriting isn’t perfect, as I still have an eagle eye for mistakes. I can still misspell words, but I can correct them.

Are There Other Applications?

A friend asked if there was a way to show the alphabet. For example, just text out your text, to make it work on the iPad. I know you can type this alphabet on the keyboard. This may be useful for close friends or family.

There may be “bonus features” offered if you read this article and make a comment. I’m writing up about this next week. I want to be specific that this is a single blog post. However, it’s possible you’ll have a better understanding of my typing experience and how useful this app is.

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