Learning How To Type Faster Online

In this video, we show you how to accurately and effectively type in the new generation of websites using Javascript and HTML5.

Learning How To Type Faster Online

Email as you know it has evolved from a voice mail to now an instant messenger. We use text like never before. A lot of people argue that it’s all over. I have an easy time signing up for whatsapp, you send me a message, I take about three seconds to type, and then the next person will also type. The revolution of instant messaging has taken over our computers.

What I use My computer for…

I use it to learn new skills, to do taxes, to email my tax accountant, to publish my blog, to write my book, to order books, to learn new things and more. I use it to read news items from different sites, to learn stories, to research things that interest me, to complain about things I don’t like, to mess around, to look for facts or quote other people. There are things I can’t do without a computer. I spend hours a day, sometimes even 24 hours a day, at my computer. I don’t see how I do everything without it. It’s just an extension of myself that I use every day.

How to type more quickly

One reason I’m so frustrated is I never realize how slow I am at using my computer. I know the why, it’s simple and simple it’s my bad eyesight and it’s part of what I’m born with. But I’m going to try to overcome that little problem and find a way to type faster, faster, faster. The first thing I do is to fix it with my glasses. I buy glasses that are several sizes too big for me because my small eyes get tired when I’m trying to focus on text on the screen. A pair of glasses that are on the big side does just fine for me.

Next, I try to do it without the glasses. First of all, I go to a different menu or a different navigation function and I tap the button on the left side. I delete the text or my keys are pressed and it takes forever for me to type. I actually have to press the gear on the left side while I’m typing, and then tap it again for two more seconds.

Later, I use a mouse or a multi-touch monitor that allows me to zoom into the text with the mouse or to find words by swiping my fingers, instead of by pressing on the keys. I’ve tried many ways, and they each take several seconds to do.

Finally, I’ve tried to employ my brain. I’ve tried to follow the steps in the program that tells me to move to a function, but the options are often impossible to even see.

So, my learning guide to type faster is to use the words like now, while I type, to help me make a way faster. I use the word not now or slow to help my brain get going and to get the processing going. If I move over to a new screen or to a different navigation, I move in slowly to make sure I have enough time to understand what I’m doing.

My main goal is to make a way for my hands to type a thousand words a minute, not one word a minute. I know it might be a little bit faster than typing a hundred words a minute, but that’s all it needs to be. What it takes me to do now, I could do in a hundredth of a second. To think I spend hours a day typing something, much less doing it, is ridiculous, because in some ways I know I’m saving my brain by typing what I need to do faster than in the past.

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